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7 Features to Improve Your Google Docs Experience

October 28, 2022 by Jared McCarley
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Google Doc’s rise to significance is impressive when you consider that Microsoft Word was its main competitor. Sure, the latter had extensive scope for improvement, but it was the most used application for personal and professional use. Sure enough, the company has since introduced several features to improve your Google Doc experience.

The application’s success results from two key factors:

1. The creators recognized the shift towards digitization and created a product to fit future needs.

2. Incorporating consistent improvement in product and service offerings.

These factors have been critical for the application’s growth, pushing G-Suite to become a formidable challenger for Microsoft in the professional space. But how has it accomplished this feat?

We will identify the primary benefits of using Google Docs and Mention 7 features that enhance user experience.

Why Google Docs Is a Convenient Tool

A core reason for the application’s popularity lies in its ease of use. The format resembles the Microsoft Word format, making it easier for users to shift to it, and offers several additional benefits. This combination makes it an ideal choice for a significant percentage of the target market.

Following are the top benefits that people get from using this application:

1. Convenient Access

The top reason Google Docs attracted attention was because of its convenient access. All data and documents entered in the Doc application were stored on a cloud and could be accessed from any location or device.

It allowed people to work on their projects from a convenient location without worrying about copying the document on an external drive for access. This convenience played a critical role in the increase in its usage.

2. Extensive Cloud Storage

Another benefit of working with Google Docs is the ample storage space. The application is directly connected to a cloud server, which helps store and retrieve documents quickly and easily. There is ample storage space on the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about controlling file size.

Additionally, you can also make the document available offline. It will help you continue working on it even when there is no internet connection. This feature is ideal for people who travel often and find themselves in no connection zones.

3. Document Edit Tracking

We often make edits, changing the document entirely, only to realize that some of it need reversal. Thankfully, Google Docs tracks all edits and can mention which changes a specific user made and when. Since multiple people can use the application to see the same document,

4. Ease of Sharing

Another unique benefit of Google Docs is the simplistic sharing. You need to set visibility settings for the document and share the link with relevant people. It takes only a moment and allows the access you want them to have.

Depending on their preference, the users can have viewing access, commenting access, or editing access.

7 Features to Improve Your Google Docs Experience

The application has come a long way since it was first launched. Google has significantly improved it, introducing new features and facilities to make it user-friendly. Following are the top 7 features to improve your Google Doc experience:

1. Voice Typing

Voice not only makes the application more inclusive, but it also makes it convenient for people who find it easier to process their thoughts as speech. Voice typing allows users to speak while the application registers their speech and converts it into text.

You can also use this feature to create lists and other essentials while in a rush. It is efficient and helps save time and effort.

2. Instant Translation

Working with international teams has become normal given the state of globalization. Therefore, you will often work with people who do not speak your language or are less proficient. Luckily, Google Docs will automatically translate a document you share with a business partner or colleague, allowing them to read it in their language.

The feature optimizes coordination and communication, increasing efficiency.

3. Typing Shortcuts and Autofill

The world has become faster-paced than ever before, and time management has become a vital part of the equation. Google Docs facilitates modern requirements for efficiency by providing typing shortcuts and autofill.

This feature uses word prediction and allows users to save time by accepting the correct predictions instead of typing each word. It might seem like it is a small convenience, but multiplying it by the number of times you can use prediction will help you realize how valuable it is.

4. Simplified Incorporation of Media

Adding media, especially video files or gifs, to Microsoft Word can be a hassle sometimes. Thankfully, the same isn’t true for Google Docs. You only need to go to the Insert tab, choose where you want to upload media from and insert the relevant details.

Any user accessing this document will be able to see this media, making your document visually appealing or interesting.

5. Bookmarking Documents

How many minutes have you lost looking for urgent documents while panicking because you couldn’t see them due to stress? It is a common phenomenon, especially at work, and often happens when deadlines approach.

Docs have a feature that allows users to bookmark essential documents. It enables them to make important documents easier to find in the mix.

6. Incorporate Grammar Tools

Google Docs works well with several grammar tools like Grammarly, ProWritingAid, EasyBib, etc. Their synchronization is smooth and will allow you to make your content grammatically correct and coherent.

This feature is vital for all communication, especially professional communication since that affects your image.

7. Availability of Suggestions

The application is one of the best for offering feedback to your team as a supervisor or manager. You can select text and mention suggestions for how it can be restructured instead of changing it directly by turning on suggestions.

It helps give them a clear understanding of expectations and allows them to make relevant adjustments while learning.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed reading about the seven features to improve your Google Doc experience. Instant translation shortcuts, grammar tool incorporation, etc., are all useful and boost your work efficiency. During your next project, please use this information and visit Percento Technologies for more information about the latest business and technology trends.