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8 of the Most Epic Business Feuds of All Time

November 10, 2021 by Brian Covell

Epic Business Feuds | Succeeding in business is all about doing the right things. You need to offer the best products, superior services, and exceptional user experience, all while marketing effectively to customers. In many industries, it can be a dog-eat-dog, near-warlike state for some of the biggest business names. Many of these businesses enjoy taking digs at one another, creating the most epic business feuds.

In this article, we’ll share with you 8 examples of business rivalries that have gone above and beyond, creating legends in and of themselves.

Understanding Business Feuds and Rivalries

In business, managers and organizations strive for consumer loyalty, regardless of their offerings. In many ways, a loyal customer often means someone who will avoid buying a competitor’s product or service. Additionally, loyal customers also use word of mouth to steer others toward a favored brand and away from a rival brand.

Business feuds and rivalries can influence different aspects of a company, like its products and services. For instance, rivalry can encourage managers to increase organizational effort or output. It can also increase the likelihood of unethical behavior, such as hilarious commercials or billboard ads that attempt to mock competitor’s products.

Let’s take a look at 8 of the most epic business feuds of all time:

1. Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi

While this list isn’t in any particular order, we figured we’d start with what’s likely the most famous of all corporate rivalries – Coke vs. Pepsi. Dubbed by pop culture observers as the “Cola Wars,” this business feud has been popular since the 70s. Both companies have taken a dig at one another through hilarious ad campaigns.

2. Nike vs. Reebok

When it comes to athletic shoes, particularly in basketball and football, Nike and Reebok are the two brands at the top of the food chain. Other brands like Fila, Puma, Converse, and even Adidas have had time in the spotlight, but none of them can rival Nike or Reebok.

While both brands have clashed in advertisements and tried to top the shoe and apparel markets, Nike was the first to establish a superstar athlete endorsement deal by signing NBA legend Michael Jordan. Meanwhile, Reebok’s biggest celebrity snag so far has been Shaquille O’Neal, another giant of the basketball world.

3. McDonald’s vs. Burger King

There is no love lost between McDonald’s and Burger King, which have spent billions trying to outdo each other in their advertising for decades. Burger King has used Ronald McDonald in some TV adverts, featuring him sneaking into one of its branches.

However, this never stopped McDonald’s. They made many adverts of their own, including one featuring a road sign with an impossibly long list of directions to the nearest Burger King in 2916. The message? “McDonald’s is closer to you.”

4. Microsoft vs. Apple

The tech business rivalry has been going on for decades. Steve Jobs took regular aim at Microsoft in his time at the helm of Apple, accusing them of having no taste in the 90s and putting the boot in with the company’s famous “Get a Mac” campaign in the 2000s. It wasn’t long until Bill Gates and Microsoft hit back, with the founder calling Jobs fundamentally odd and claiming his rival didn’t know much about technology.

However, the two occasionally got along just fine, and Bill Gates even appeared in Mac adverts in the 80s.

5. Ferrari vs. Lamborghini

In 1950s Italy, Enzo Ferrari was in charge of his famous sports car company while Ferruccio Lamborghini was running a tractor business. Things may have stayed this way if Lamborghini, a keen mechanic, had not been unhappy with his new Ferrari’s engine and clutch. Lamborghini thought he knew how the car could be improved and took his concerns to Enzo Ferrari himself.

So the story goes – that Ferrari said there was nothing wrong with the car and that Lamborghini should stick to tractors. The outraged Lamborghini decided to build his car factory and unveil the first Lamorgini sports car, the 350 GTV, and the rest is history.

6. Samsung vs. Apple

What’s it like to have two giants in different domains competing with one brand? Just ask Apple, as it not only competes with Microsoft but also Samsung since the launch of the iPhone. Apple and Samsung have only been fighting it out for less than a decade, but it has quickly become one of the bloodiest business feuds in history.

When Samsung launched its first Galaxy models in 2010, it caused Apple to take strong notice, and the company accused its South Korean rival of copying the iPhone.

7. Playstation vs. Xbox

Business feuds between game consoles makers have rumbled on for as long as there have been consoles. Anyone with a good memory can remember the business rivalry between Nintendo and Sega. In recent times, Microsoft and Sony have been in a contest with one another, with fiercely loyal fans picking one camp over the other.

8. Netflix vs. Blockbuster

As per founder Reed Hastings, the idea for Netflix came from his frustration of having to pay a fee to Blockbuster after losing a rented video. Forbes even reported that Blockbuster laughed at Hastings when he reportedly proposed that his small company should run its brand online. However, it was Hastings who had the last laugh, as Netflix soared in popularity while Blockbuster eventually closed down in 2010.


With that, our look at some of the greatest business feuds of all time comes to a close. We hope you’ve had fun reading this article and also learned some important lessons on business and innovation from these business rivalries.

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