Enterprise Mobility & Security (EMS) Services

Secure Your Business Front Door With Enterprise Mobility & Security Services

Leaders in growing organizations know that they’ll have to deal with decreased visibility as they expand to different locations with more employees and devices that need protection. However, with mobility and remote working in high demand, IT infrastructures are becoming more vulnerable to threats due to increasing Cybersecurity threats. Businesses require the highest levels of security to protect sensitive data, especially when relying on the internet for operations.

That’s where Microsoft Enterprise Mobility & Security (EMS) comes in to help manage and protects devices, applications, users, and user data. This way, no matter where your staff accesses their important emails and documents from, your corporate data would be secure at all times.

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However, many businesses still undergoing digital transformation don’t have the tools or resources to successfully enable and manage Enterprise Mobility & Security on their own and require professional IT intervention to ensure compliance and proper implementation. Percento Technologies can help guide you through all the processes from planning to design and implementation of EMS systems. Our team of IT industry veterans and certified Microsoft professionals have the latest tools and are well-versed with the latest industrial network security practices. In simple words, we have what it takes to provide tailored IT solutions according to your requirements.

Key Features

Identity Management

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Safe and secure remote access
  • Improved internal communications
  • Conditional application and data access
  • Privileged access control

Device Management

  • Selective application and data wipes
  • Personal data protection
  • Multiple applications and user management
  • Centralized endpoint management

Data and Knowledge Protection

  • Data labeling and classification
  • Intuitive information control
  • Greater visibility and control over shared applications and data
  • Enhanced network security and cloud protection

Our Enterprise Mobility & Security Services

EMS Consulting and Planning

Our team of certified Microsoft professionals can help you plan and implement a personalized solution. We ensure that your teams understand our processes and get expert advice on managing modern, sophisticated Cybersecurity threats. Like every other project, we start learning more about your current IT environment and develop a solid plan while considering your vision and business strategy.

EMS Training

Percento Technologies offer a myriad of IT training courses for Microsoft products and solutions. With our EMS training, your teams will learn how to protect their identities in the cloud with our Microsoft Identity Manager and Azure Active Directory specialized courses. This way, you can rest assured that we’ll leave your system in good hands by provisioning effective knowledge transfer to empower your IT team and improve your EMS.

End-User Support

At Percento Technologies, we also offer 24/7 on-demand IT support that you can use for your EMS system. You can engage our teams for general queries and technical issues as well as routine maintenance services or complete system overhaul.

EMS Setup and Migration

We collaborate with your on-site IT teams to help plan, design, execute, and manage your EMS deployment or migration. This way, you’ll get the best from your required applications and solutions. More importantly, you’ll be able to access them quickly and securely. Our proven methods have helped several organizations from different industries successfully implement Enterprise Mobility & Security. As a Microsoft-recognized service provider, we take real pride in our flexible, scalable, and innovative approach.

System Performance & Security Testing

Our security experts and project managers will collaborate with your team to understand your processes and IT infrastructure, and then design a custom performance testing solution for it. As far as security is concerned, we take care of everything from strategy to risk management, testing, design, incident management, auditing, and consulting services.

Why Choose Percento Technologies?

To Protect Your Front Door Round the Clock

Our team starts by identifying your system’s protection capabilities to access your company’s data and applications securely. With EMS, you can leverage billions of signals to offer conditional access with multi-factor authentication. We also take care of your identity management so you can easily monitor and restrict access.

To Proactively Detect Attacks

With innovative analytics and anomaly detection tools, we can easily identify potential threats and attackers in your organization. We’ve juiced up our threat intelligence with cloud-based machine learning and advanced datasets.

To Protect Your Data from Human Errors

With our on-premises and remote training, your employees will have a better understanding of network security and how to protect their workstations. Microsoft EMS also provides real-time visibility into user activity and applications, including Office 365 and other popular SaaS apps.

To Increase Productivity and Security While Working Remotely

We help you move your services to the cloud for better management and security, offering you a complete solution. This way, you can improve productivity by enabling your teams to work from anywhere, be it a coffee shop or their homes, as long as they have an uninterrupted internet connection to ensure everything runs smoothly.

To Encourage Self Service

By learning how to do things yourself, you don’t have to rely on IT intervention every time you need to perform simple tasks, such as updating passwords, joining groups, or managing communications. Our team ensures that your employees leave the office tech-savvier than they walked in.

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Percento Technologies is now one of the leading software and cloud solution providers in the country. Our Enterprise Mobility and Security experts will love to assist you in deploying or migrating this renowned solution into your infrastructure and improve network security.