Office 365 Integration Services

Take Your Business Anywhere with Office 365

Modern businesses demand real-time communication and collaboration through powerful tools for success. However, not every business has the budget or personnel to carry out regular IT infrastructure updates. Besides, there’s a good chance that most of your employees work using personal devices, such as laptops and smartphones, especially in the ‘work from anywhere’ era. Hence, businesses are rapidly switching to cloud-based solutions, such as Office 365, to set up a virtual office.

Not only does this grant users access to important information from anywhere, but it also helps reduce IT costs by limiting the need to purchase expensive systems, energy consumption, and downtimes.

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Office 365 offers various technologies ranging from Skype for business to Exchange, SharePoint, Outlook, MyAnalytics, and our favorite Office applications like Word, Excel, and Access. It has become an incredibly powerful platform that enables teams to improve creativity and productivity, both essential factors required to gain a competitive edge.

However, cloud integration is a major decision, one that can easily make or break your business due to conflicting factors, such as lack of expertise, hesitant employees, or resources. This is where Percento Technologies comes in to help you map out your business needs and provide top-notch Office 365 integration services to enable multifaceted remote and in-house collaboration. Our professional team comprises Microsoft-certified developers with over a decade of experience in Office 365 projects, consulting, and managing cloud-hosted solutions.

Why Office 365?


With Office 365, you don’t have to worry about storage or backup, thanks to a highly scalable platform. So, whether you have 5 employees or 5,000, you can continue to expand your solutions without purchasing and installing expensive upgrades.

Collaboration Efficiency

Cloud-based collaboration allows your team to communicate and exchange information without relying on traditional methods, such as emails and calls. While working remotely, you can centralize access for different users so they can easily view important files and documents.


With Office 365, your teams are more flexible in their work practices. As long as they have a good internet connection, they can work from anywhere during holidays, sick leaves, or crises. This way, they don’t need always to be on-site to access important information.


By opting for Office 365, you’re also protecting your important data from natural disasters, Cybersecurity threats, or other major crises. Storing data in the cloud ensures it’s backed up and Microsoft is accountable for data loss and security.

Our Office 365 Solutions

Office 365 Consulting

If you’re ready to join the cloud bandwagon, we’re here to make sure you have everything you need. Our certified Microsoft consultants will help you optimize your enterprise’s digital environment with all the necessary tools and applications your employees need.

Office 365 Managed Services

Percento Technologies can also take over your existing Office 365 ecosystem and manage its performance and security round the clock. Our team will manage all your accounts and actively monitor applications for security vulnerabilities. Lastly, we’ll also manage your licenses through consolidated billing so you pay for everything in one bill.

Office 365 Migration

If you’re looking to migrate your on-premises databases and applications to Office 365, we can help you switch effortlessly while preserving your data. We will first assess the feasibility of your project and devise a personalized migration plan for your team with minimal disruption.

Office 365 Implementation and Customization

Our team will help you select the best subscription plan for your needs while considering your resources and budget. More importantly, we will customize your solution according to your specific IT environment, industry, and employees’ preferences. So, feel free to tell us what unique custom features you’re looking for, such as Chatbots, workflows, or templates, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Office 365 Integration

Integrating Office 365 into custom applications demands professional IT intervention. The last thing you want is to deal with messy APIs and application crashes. Our team of engineers and cloud specialists handles Office 365 integration with direct synchronization and sign-on for users to efficiently switch between different systems. This not only improves productivity but also increases cross-departmental collaboration.

Why Choose Percento Technologies?

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Hassle-Free Transition

Our team of experts can help you easily reshape your IT infrastructure and transition into effectively using the new solutions.

Custom Solutions

We let you choose which applications you need to perform your tasks so you can enjoy a fully customized digital workplace. We also effectively manage Microsoft restrictions to boost functionality further.

Enhanced Security

As one of the leading network security providers in the county, we ensure that your IT environment, which includes your data, corporate content, and financial reports) remains secure at all times.

Post-Migration Training

We train your IT staff to resolve simple and complex problems effectively post-migration and also provide an end-user manual for decommissioning unnecessary resources.