IT Consulting Services

Dominate Your Industry by Leveraging the Right Technologies

Technology is now the driving force of progress in every industry, and businesses must have an inquisitive IT team and growing infrastructure to achieve their goals.

However, in the digital age, it’s not easy to improve drive forward when you’re stuck dealing with routine operations using the same applications and systems every day. You need a solid digital transformation strategy that complements your overall business strategy so you can take full advantage of the opportunities technology creates, such as expanding into a new market, launching new products or services, or capturing more market share to increase revenue.

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At Percento Technologies, we provide businesses of all scales and types with the expertise and tools to make the correct infrastructure decisions and keep pace with today’s fast-moving IT landscape. Our team of IT industry veterans and experienced consultants can help you navigate the crossroads by equipping you with the current IT solutions, be it hardware, software, network security, or cloud adoption, etc. Overall, our IT consulting services will improve operational efficiency, employee productivity, and, most importantly, customer satisfaction.

Why Opt for IT Consulting Services?

Information technology is a broad sphere that kickstarted the 3rd industrial revolution and the foundation that supports the fusion of advances in technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things, and quantum computing, etc. IT has become an integral aspect of business development and innovation. However, many businesses require professional intervention to help them successfully adopt new practices and technologies. This is where IT consulting services come in to build strategic, operational, and architectural plans by evaluating a company’s needs and resources.

Our Services


Percento Technologies has direct connections with some of the most popular and in-demand IT vendors, such as Cisco, Dell, HP, Honeywell, AMP, Microsoft, and Riverbed. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your workstations or carry out routine system maintenance, we’ve got you covered from procurement to installment, configuration, and training.


As one of the leading IT consulting services in the company, we offer software licensing and management for Microsoft, Amazon, Autodesk, Adobe, Secureworks, Dropbox, and Cornerstone, etc. With our vast collection of connected digital services, we can help you pick the best combination of applications for your teams.


From game-changing cloud solutions like Microsoft Azure to Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Salesforce, SAP, and Amazon Web Services, Percento Technologies’ cloud portfolio has the right mix of products and services for different use cases, capabilities, and business types.

Network Security

As one of the top security firms in the country, we offer a range of Cybersecurity services from consulting to implementation and maintenance. We have direct connections with some of the leading vendors in the market, such as Barracuda, IBM Security, Cisco, AppGuard, Acunetix, Avast, McAfee, and more.

IT Infrastructure

Your IT infrastructure determines the pace, security, and many other aspects of your operations. Therefore, you need a team of experts who can offer expert advice to ensure high availability, responsiveness, redundancy, and continuity. We also help our customers optimize the performance of their existing IT infrastructures by recommending cost-effective system integration solutions and management services.

Why Choose Us?


As a US-based tech company, we provide a one-stop solution for managing all your information technology needs. We have helped hundreds of businesses leverage the right technologies to maximize the performance of their internal processes. No matter how complex your IT environment is, we possess all the required tools and expertise to offer personalized hardware and software solutions.

Here’s how we stand out from the rest:

  • World-class Expertise
  • Proven Industry Experience
  • 24/7/365 Availability for Technical Support
  • Versatile Software and Hardware Portfolio
  • Personalized Solutions
  • Quantifiable Results