Business Continuity Services

IT Failure is Not An Option

Modern organizations face numerous challenges every day while managing complex operations. They have to deal with multiple entities, such as business partners, competitors, suppliers, and employees to hold their own in the ever-changing landscape.

To ensure survival in the digital age, businesses must maintain reliability and continuity and employ solutions that minimize IT infrastructure interruptions. Moreover, they also need to manage complex regulatory and compliance requirements to operate in the market legally. If you’re responsible for ensuring that your business strategies support its changing needs, you need a team of business continuity experts to assist you in anticipating the evolving requirements and dependencies to keep your revenue streams flowing.

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At Percento Technologies, we establish clear steps to secure and protect your business process, IT infrastructure, and human resources. We believe that business continuity is the key to establishing resiliency and reliability. Our team of highly trained and experienced IT professionals and business analysts can help identify critical functions, quantify the impact of potential IT downtime or failure, and create a contingency plan to maintain uptime.

Our Services

Business Continuity Consulting & Planning

Let us create an IT roadmap to keep you in business even when disaster strikes. Our team will help you devise a long-term strategy to keep your systems running securely. We plan our approach based on your business’s specific requirement, so whether you’re looking to prevent outages through enhanced reliability resiliency or want to set some contingencies in place to manage disruptions as they occur, we’ve got you covered.

Business Impact Analysis

Let us work with your IT team and enhance your organization’s resiliency. We will identify your critical business functions and the unique risks that surround your operations and processes to fulfill recovery, compliance, and continuity requirements. This way, you can avoid some common worst-case scenarios, such as:

  • Incomplete or corrupt documentation
  • Lack of access to digital assets due to server issues
  • Lack of awareness regarding the potential financial impact of disasters
  • Lost time and revenue in the disaster recovery effort due to lack of prioritization

Our Business Impact Analysis in Three Steps

1. Discovery

We collaborate with your in-house team to oversee key business functions to understand critical sites, processes, and resources (both related and unrelated to IT). With walkthroughs and detailed infrastructure audits, we gather all relevant data before proceeding to the analysis.

2. Analysis

Using the collected data and feedback from your team, we can rank and prioritize your critical business functions and site. This way, we quantify the impact of potential disasters and devise strategies to mitigate the risk while ensuring compliance with the regulatory bodies in the respective industry.

3. Reporting

Following the analysis, we draft a detailed report of our findings and recommend an action plan for risk mitigation or performance optimization. We can also deliver an on-site presentation to educate and train your IT and non-IT staff.

Why Choose Us?

As a US-based tech company, Percento Technologies offers a host of unparalleled IT solutions for businesses of all scales. We have collaborated with hundreds of businesses in different industries to help them:

Overcome Any IT Failure

Percento Technologies’ business continuity services equip your business with a secure cloud platform, a versatile team of IT experts, and proven survival and growth strategies. We employ the latest, high-tech equipment along with the most advanced data centers to ensure that you have an all-in-one solution for preparation and mitigation.

Comply with their Respective Industry Regulations

Every business is accountable for its data security. However, not every business has the proper tools or expertise to govern the influx of complex data in their IT infrastructure. We have worked with businesses in law, education, health, finance, IT, transportation, and others to ensure compliance with the relevant bodies, such as HIPAA, GDPR, PCI, SEC, etc.

Prepare for Business Continuity Initiatives

In the modern business landscape, disaster recovery and backup solutions won’t cut it alone. You need to employ preventive processes to minimize the potential financial losses incurred in the event of a disaster. As your business continuity service provider, we’ll monitor your hardware, software, network, cloud, and all IT assets proactively to ensure everything is running smoothly. This way, you can focus on your core business activities and let us manage your IT needs and resources.

Ensure 24/7/365 Business Availability

We ensure 24/7 real-time support to our clients. Our team will maintain communication with your IT department through reporting and provide hardware and software support if anything goes wrong. This covers everything, from workstations to servers, peripherals, apps, and Cybersecurity threats.

Contact Us and Get Started Now!

Percento Technologies is fully committed to ensuring your IT infrastructure is fully optimized and equipped with the proper contingencies to maximize availability and uptime. Our business continuity team is just a phone call away, so feel free to reach out to us!