IT Blueprint Services

Expand Possibilities with Enhanced Customer Journey Exploration

For decades, businesses have solved complex IT problems using technologies available at their disposal to ensure that their customers have a great experience across every physical or digital touchpoint.

Unfortunately, many modern businesses either lack the tools or the expertise to keep up with evolving customer demands and end up becoming digital dinosaurs. At Percento Technologies, we believe that keeping up with the digital trends isn’t all about investing in the latest technologies or solutions. Instead, it’s about creating a service blueprint or roadmap to anticipate and benefit from changing customer actions.

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With our IT blueprint services, we help businesses visualize the relationship between customer service interactions and every internal process carried out simultaneously or proactively to support them. This way, you can expose the inner workings of different IT or non-IT scenarios and how they affect the customer journey. We collaborate with different teams in your organization, including IT, marketing, sales, design, HR, finance, etc. to establish cross-functional coordination, thus, enabling more efficient operations and information flow.

What is an IT Blueprint?

An IT blueprint is a diagram that represents your customer journey and all the technologies and processes that support it. For example, if the first touchpoint in the customer’s pathway is your website or app, one internal process might be a support executive starting a live chat with them. As the customer browses the digital catalog, the backend and frontend developers have displayed items in stock.

Essentially, the blueprint is broken down into what the customer sees and what the company sees. For example, the customer can speak to the representative, but they cannot see the messaging interface and technology running it. At every interaction point, a connection is established between the customer and business, and an IT blueprint is simply an extension of that.

How We Create Your IT Blueprint

1. Assess Your Customer’s Journey

First, we determine the start and endpoint of your customer journey, considering different personas for more all-around results. This way, we can understand their overall goals and capture their actions to achieve those goals.

2. Examine Your Sales Funnel

Next, we identify the relevant actions every department within your organization takes to support each customer action at different stages in their journeys. Many internal actions are invisible but still critical to the overall journey.

3. Identify Backstage Actions

Next, we thoroughly examine your back-end actions to understand how they support your front-end activities. These activities are not visible to the customers, but it’s through their collective perception and experiences can we improve these activities.

4. Optimize Critical Backend Operations

Before we can finalize your IT blueprint, we identify and optimize all the relevant backend processes and technical operations that support your personal. These changes could be as simple as optimizing their workstations, network security, backup, or cloud applications.

5. Gather All Evidence

Finally, we document all the touchpoints that your customers come in contact with during their journeys and recommend tech or non-tech changes for performance optimization.

Why Choose Us?

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As a US-based tech company, we provide a one-stop solution for all your IT needs. We’ve helped hundreds of companies break down their user experience from start to finish and help them satisfy their customers’ every need.

Here’s what you will get by opting for our services:

  • A professionally designed IT blueprint document that your team can understand and share throughout the organization.
  • Clarity on every element of the design process, including the technologies used, resources, actions, interactions, and strategies.
  • Detailed visualization of the customer’s journey and your sales funnel, using which you can adopt different strategies to improve their experiences.

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An IT blueprint offers useful insights into your business and employees, especially when you need to make leadership, cultural, or technological shifts. This detailed diagram will show you all your internal processes and where the changes are needed, and why. For more information regarding our IT blueprinting services, feel free to reach out to us!