Data Protection Services

Data is among the most important company assets in the digital age

The internet has enabled real-time information sharing and communication throughout organizations and their respective communities.

This means that all data or information related to your business and its customers must be properly stored and handled, especially in the digital age where Cybersecurity threats are growing every day. As a result, businesses can no longer compromise data protection as it can halter operations and incur great financial damages. Moreover, data breaches or natural disasters can have a tremendous impact on your business’s credibility, leading to changes in customer sentiment and brand perception.

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To avoid these potentially devastating outcomes, businesses must invest in data protection technologies and services. Only with a robust and scalable security infrastructure can they facilitate real-time backup and recovery while adhering to industry compliance regulations. Unfortunately, securing your business requires more than using a virtual private network (VPN) or password manager.

At Percento Technologies, we offer both the expertise and technologies you need to improve security across people, processes, and technology. Our team of certified data security experts and software engineers can assess your critical data assets and optimize their accessibility and security governance to help neutralize any potential threats and ensure continuity.

Our Data Protection Services

Data Security Assessment

We collaborate with your IT team and business analysts to assess data security risks and advise on remediation options. Using our privacy framework, we identify gaps in your IT infrastructure and develop a roadmap by leveraging your business processes to optimize protection for both your physical and digital assets.

Disaster Recovery Services

No business is immune from disasters, such as data thefts, fires, or even extreme weather. Therefore, it’s imperative that companies continuously replicate their data with instantaneous recovery points. Our disaster recovery services are compatible with both on-premises infrastructure and cloud solutions like AWS or Azure infrastructure.

Cloud Storage & Backup Services

In many cases, data can be compromised by an overload due to unscalable systems. We offer cloud-based backup services with complete control and visibility while ensuring end-to-end data encryption. This way, all your digital assets remain verifiable and recoverable, even in the event of a Cybersecurity attack.

Security Awareness & Training

Data protection awareness and training are among our most important services as it enables us to share our expertise with both IT and non-IT staff and guide them regarding the latest security practices, compliance, and technologies.

Our Data Protection Process

1. Risk Analysis

Our first order of business is to understand your data footprint by conducting a detailed audit of your IT infrastructure and data. This way, we can identify all the potential risks and pinpoint your most vulnerable processes.

2. Gap Assessment

Next, we crossmatch your current infrastructure with the relevant legal requirements to determine compliance. Using this information, we can identify gaps and where your organization can make improvements to better protect data.

3. Data Governance Solution Design

Once we have all the information we need, we will design a target operating model and an ongoing structure to coordinate, operate, and implement the new and improved data protection strategy.

4. Program Implementation

During the implementation stage, we’ll adjust your IT environment with the new hardware and software solutions, according to your design and specific requirements.

5. Monitoring, Support, & Maintenance

From there onwards, it’s all about sustenance. Our team will establish the necessary compliance methods to ensure continuous accountability with the regulatory bodies.

Why Choose Us?

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As a US-based tech company, we provide a single-stop solution for all your network security and data management needs. We are compliant with all the major regulatory bodies in the industry, such as HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, FERPA, and ADA, etc. We have helped hundreds of businesses better protect their data from loss, theft, and misuse.

  • World-class Expertise
  • Proven Industry Experience
  • 24/7/365 Availability for Technical Support
  • Documented Policies and Procedures
  • Quick Escalation and Response

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