Malware Protection Services

Ensure Endpoint Resilience with Active Malware Protection Services

Actively responding to cybersecurity threats in the modern business landscape is not only difficult and chaotic but expensive. Unfortunately, most small businesses stick with one-off remediations of free malware protection solutions in an attempt to combat modern, sophisticated, relentless, and destructive threats. Some don’t even have an in-house IT team or the right tools to manage network security.

At Percento Technologies, we have the expertise and technology to eradicate any active threats in your IT infrastructure.

We can offer round-the-clock protection while you focus on your core business activities. Our highly trained and experienced Malware protection team manages your IT environment’s network security by monitoring and eliminating threats from infected endpoints actively and minimize disruptions. By hiring our services, no longer do you need to struggle to hold off threats with a sub-par antivirus solution. Let us manage your network security and employ the latest Cybersecurity solutions in the market to add several protection layers to your IT environment.

Our Services

IT Security Assessment

Our first order of business is to locate vulnerabilities and risks in your IT infrastructure. We employ modern antivirus solutions along with a centralized approach to monitor all activities on your network continuously. With machine learning, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytic tools, we can evaluate how secure your infrastructure is and what can be done to optimize security.

Ransomware Prevention

Hackers usually start ransomware attacks through email by tricking users into opening a malicious email or attached file that grants hackers access. Our team of IT experts employs the latest ransomware detection technology to identify potentially malicious files based on activity. We also enhance data protection using powerful backup solutions so your team can continue to carry out their email tasks without disruptions.

Insider Threat Protection

With a rapidly growing remote workforce, security-conscious organizations need to establish or enhance insider threat protection. Percento Technologies can help you create an actionable roadmap to protect sensitive data while reducing operational risk and managing resources. Our flexible and automated solutions allow benign actions but block risky behavior.

Firewall Optimization

Our team upgrades and optimizes your firewall by automating fundamental policy configurations, such as rules, router, and Switch ACLs. This way, you don’t have to rely on manual processes to change requests and increase your chances of a security breach. We also determine all unused rules, ACLs, and duplicate network objects, and remove them to minimize redundancy.

Network Security Training

Our renowned training services can enhance your IT team’s operational skills and help them proactively prevent, detect, identify, and respond to malware and other Cybersecurity threats effectively. Our program includes the latest securaity tools and practices to help your team understand and combat modern threats. We also comply with different government and industry regulations, such as HIPAA, CCPA, GDPR, and FISMA, etc.

Why Choose Percento Technologies?

Laptop Security

As a US-based technology firm, Percento Technologies provides a one-stop Network Security and Malware Protection solution. We offer vast security solutions to hundreds of IT firms and small businesses around the country.

Here’s what sets us apart from the rest:

Merciless Malware Protection

Whether it’s a malicious email, a rogue external device, or a sophisticated, disguised fileless attack, our team is well-equipped with the latest Cybersecurity solutions to eliminate them. We’ll give hackers a run for their money.

Lightweight Solutions

Every IT infrastructure is different in terms of capability and complexities. Therefore, we offer customized, lightweight solutions that require minimal resources.


Our solutions are based on a machine-learning model that not only blocks unknown malware and ransomware on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems but also learns on the job to pick up modern, more sophisticated threats proactively.

24/7/365 Support

Whether you need hands-on assistance while handling a threat or have a simple query, we’re here at your service round the clock. So, you can rest assured that we’ll be here whenever you need us.

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Percento Technologies is now one of the leading Network Security providers in the country. Our highly-trained and experienced team can monitor and cleanse your IT infrastructure of different threats proactively while you focus on your core activities. Feel free to call our friendly support team for more information: