Patch Management Services

Safeguard and Monitor the Integrity of Your Structure

Patch management is a difficult and pressing challenge thanks to the increasing number of applications, devices, and vulnerabilities.

Maintaining the security and functionality of your critical applications and systems depends on being able to react quickly to unscheduled patches and ensure zero-day vulnerabilities. It’s difficult to identify unexpected patch failures, which may leave your systems open to downtime or attacks.

It’s a time-consuming and exhaustive process that requires visibility and real-time patch status reporting and alerts for your entire IT system. Without an effective and consistent patch management solution strategy, you are risking leaving your business open to random reboots, performance slowdowns, and cyberattacks that compromise your operations or sensitive data. The best way to monitor and safeguard the integrity of your information systems and infrastructure is to enlist the help of patch management experts like Percento Technologies.

We handle the entire patch management process at scale using the best practices, monitoring, and automation technologies. That includes resolving exceptions and unexpected patch failures and overseeing any industry-specific compliance requirements.

We Deliver Peace of Mind for Every Scenario

With Percento Technologies, you get proven, industry-leading patch management tools and services to keep all your systems, operating systems, and third-party apps up to date with the latest patches. We help you keep pace with the constant stream of security threats and patches. Here’s what we can do for you in our patch management services to deliver peace of mind for every scenario:

1. Deploying Patches

We will deploy patches in a structured and formalized process by constantly verifying and confirming the current status of your desktop applications, operating systems, server, and more.

2. We Will Pre-Test Complex Updates

Our goal is to pre-test complex updates for key production systems to avoid any unforeseen business consequences. We will ensure that backups are in place to provide security at all times.

3. We are Experts at Patch Management

You can rely on us with your eyes closed as we are experts at handling policy-driven patch management for Unix, Linux, Microsoft, and other third-party application environments. Our structured change management procedures include system backups and roll-back plans.

4. We Have Extensive Expertise in the Industry

There is no one better than us when it comes to patch management services in data center operations. Our proven industry-leading patch management capabilities enable you to reduce vulnerabilities and risk and minimize your downtime.

We help shield systems from vulnerabilities by managing the deployment of patches to operating systems, firmware, or systems software.

Our Patch Management Services

Percento Technologies patch management services provide the personnel, knowledge, and resources of the latest industry practices to ensure that your critical systems are always operating at peak efficiency in the most stable and secure way possible. Our patch management services ensure your hardware and apps are kept updated to the right version.

We ensure that your technology is protected from vulnerabilities and your team isn’t struggling to answer support queries from outdated systems. Here are some of our patch management services:

Patch Knowledge

There are so many different sources of information on the internet these days, most of which are contradictory. It is challenging to keep abreast of vulnerabilities, security issues, and patch availability. Our team has the expertise and industry knowledge to safeguard your systems and understand what, when, and how to deploy these patches.

Patch Scheduling

Our patch management team will work around the clock with your business to ensure that patches are applied on time based on existing patch release cycles. Our goal is to ensure that there is minimal business disruption for you.


Before deploying a patch, we will test it thoroughly in a controlled manner that doesn’t pose any risk to critical systems in the event of anomalies. Our team will work with your business to ensure appropriate testing is completed so that patch deployment doesn’t impede any system operations.


The patch will be installed in an organized, consistent, and time-critical manner in the deployment phase. We will take care to avoid any interruption in system availability.


You need to understand what patch your business requires and whether our patch has been deployed successfully. Our team will conduct an installation audit to ensure that the patch is working properly with your systems.

Why Work with Percento Technologies?

At Percento Technologies, we believe in offering patch management solutions tailored to your business. Our patch management services are designed to offer you multi-layered security. Here are some of the reasons why you should work with us:

  • Historically, 65% of data breaches have involved unpatched vulnerabilities.
  • Most cyber-attacks involve exploits on vulnerabilities that could be prevented with better patch management.
  • Percento Technologies automated patch management solutions offer a clear picture of your security risks.
  • By identifying non-compliant systems and reducing time-to-patch, Percento Technologies will reduce your cybersecurity risks.
  • The patch management process can be time-consuming and difficult, but it’s vital for a business function. Percento Technologies can help you.

Get industry-leading, proven patch management services to keep all your systems, third-party applications, and operating systems up to date with the latest software and security patches.

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