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Defend Your Organization with Superior Ransomware Protection

Both small and large organizations need to make ransomware protection an essential part of their email security technology.

In any ransomware attack, the hackers will breach an organization’s security and restrict their access to systems or data. The only way to regain control would be to pay the ransom to the hackers (which the FBI advises not to do).

Hackers can start a ransomware attack through phishing emails, where they try and trick users into opening a weaponized attachment or click a malicious link, which will flood their network with malware. That’s where effective ransomware protection can help an organization. Percento Technologies offers organizations superior ransomware protection with an all-in-one solution that defends against this persistent threat.

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware Protection from Percento Technologies

Percento Technologies offers ransomware protection services for email security, archiving, and continuity. Our services are designed to protect business emails, minimize risk, and simplify enterprise email management. We enable organizations to defend against targeted threats, provide them continuous access to email even during outages or ransomware attacks, and manage email archives effectively.

Our ransomware protection services use sophisticated, multi-layered detection engines for identifying and neutralizing threats, stopping spam, malware, and targeted attacks before they reach the network. We simplify the management of email security, archiving, and continuity by providing centralized control for the system. The administrators have granular and flexible control to establish data security protection policies and can make changes easily and apply them in real-time throughout the organization.

Apart from ransomware protection, organizations can rely on Percento Technologies to defend against spam, malware, and targeted attacks such as spear-phishing email threats, CEO fraud, and advanced persistent threats.

How Percento Technologies Delivers Ransomware Protection

Our all-in-one services provide a complete solution for ransomware protection. Our targeted threat protection offers a highly effective defense against the most common techniques attackers use to initiate a ransomware attack.

Malicious URLs

We scan all inbound and archived emails for suspicious links, blocking access until the target sites have been determined to be safe.

Weaponized Attachments

We will preemptively open attachments in a virtualized sandbox, cleaning or scanning them to rid them of malware before allowing users to access them.

Social Engineering

We scan the domain information, text, and headers of inbound emails to identify potential social-engineering attacks. Suspicious emails can be rejected, tagged, or quarantined with a warning for user review.

Percento Technologies is committed to offering a highly scalable and resilient archive in the cloud where organizations can store and backup email, ensuring continuous access to email during a ransomware attack. We have helped organizations of all sizes become ransomware resilient. Our experts use best practices and focus exclusively on ransomware prevention and recovery by efficiently accessing your strengths and weaknesses.

Our experts undergo extensive documentation and discovery to quickly deliver what matters most and decrease the likelihood of your organization suffering a ransomware attack. If you haven’t been professionally assessed and are concerned about ransomware attacks, this will put your mind at ease. A partnership with Percento Technologies brings highly-sought technical expertise, a myriad of tools, and industry experience to the forefront of your organization’s defenses.

Why Choose Percento Technologies?

Ransomware Protection

Effective ransomware protection requires reliable and robust ransomware detection. When you use the right technology and detect ransomware early, you can effectively backup and archive your sensitive files in the event of an attack. Percento Technologies provides the ultimate ransomware protection services to organizations seeking superior malware and ransomware protection.

We have considerable experience working with small and large corporations and will work hard to ensure that your systems aren’t compromised. If you have suffered a ransomware attack, you may feel that finding a solution is hopeless, but not when you have us on your side. We work directly with you to decrypt your systems and remove all traces of ransomware.

The best way to prevent ransomware from entering your systems is by implementing the best network security practices. Our anti-malware approach ensures optimal security for your sensitives files and systems. When you call on Percento Technologies, you can look forward to restoring the complete functionality of your systems.

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Whether you want to arm yourself with as much ammunition as possible to protect against ransomware or have already suffered a malware attack, you can count on Percento Technologies. We have successfully retrieved data for small and large organizations and restored the full functionality of their systems. With our expertise on your side, we can help you mitigate the risk of ransomware attacks and return your systems to normal. If you want to learn more about our ransomware protection services, call our friendly support team: