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Transcend Your Business Communication with Smart Email Migration

Many modern organizations in the digital transformation era have to start shifting their operations, digital assets, and resources to the cloud. For businesses, email still remains the most important business communication channel, which is why many organizations are considering migrating their email to the cloud.

Email migration is an extremely risky and complicated process that requires professional IT intervention. However, in the end, it will improve your operations by simplifying and accelerating communication.

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So, whether you’re dealing with headaches of operating an on-premises email server or looking to transition your email platform from one provider to another, Percento Technologies can ensure you don’t lose any valuable data or experience unnecessary downtime during the cloud migration project. With an experienced team comprising of IT industry veterans, highly trained engineers, and cloud practitioners, you can mitigate common risks involved during the process and reap several benefits your in-house IT team might not be able to offer, such as accelerated email performance, improved network and data security, lower maintenance costs, and cloud-hosted servers with 24/7/365 uninterrupted access.

By opting for Percento Technologies’ email migration services, you’re only minutes away from unleashing the full potential of a cloud-based email platform optimized with your contacts, tasks, notes, emails, and journals from your previous system. Whether you’re using IMAP, Exchange, Google, Office 365, Outlook, or Yahoo, etc., our team of experts will perform all required services as per your specific business needs. With hundreds of enterprise-level cloud migration projects under our belt, you can rest assured that we have the expertise and experience to work on extremely complex IT environments and infrastructures.

Say Goodbye to Your Email Server

In the old days, having a dedicated IT team to manage on-premises servers was the way to go. We’ve come a long way since then in the digital age where in-house servers do more harm than good.

Increased Procurement and Maintenance Costs

Server-based email networks are complex systems that require a fair bit of investment, especially for small businesses as servers are much more expensive than PCs. Since Windows and Mac servers are licensed solutions, you’ll need to pay for software too. Plus, server monitoring and maintenance require IT intervention which is an avoidable additional expense.

Single Failure Point

With a dedicated server, you’re centralizing your email communications (files, contacts, and notes, etc.) to a single point of failure that can occur due to hardware malfunction, cyberattacks, or data corruption.

Insufficient IT Expertise

Unfortunately, most small businesses around the world do not have an in-house IT team to manage their infrastructures. And even those who don’t have the required expertise to efficiently manage email servers.

Seamless Cloud Migration in 4 Steps

1. Readiness Assessment and Migration Planning

Before our team migrates any data from your current email platform, we conduct an in-depth project briefing to understand your goals and timelines so your project is positioned for success from the beginning. Like any project, we follow the basic project management principles and strategize an effective approach to move your data effectively while minimizing IT downtime.

2. New Email Configuration and Deployment

Once our team and your management are on the same page in terms of planning, we will install, configure, and optimize all software and/or hardware into your IT infrastructure before migration and test the new email’s performance using provision user accounts.

3. Steady Data Migration to New Email

At this point, we migrate all your email data while actively monitoring your network for security issues. We also move all your non-user email data and files upon scaling your IT resources for future access after validation testing on OneDrive, SharePoint, Google Drive, etc.

4. System Validation and Personnel Training

We’re not done yet. Once the email migration is complete, we help your employees and IT team transition into the new email platform and continue to provide end-user services and communications. We let your team test everything while remaining actively on standby for data fidelity quality assurance, real-time technical support, and decommissioning of the old email infrastructure.

Why Percento Technologies?

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Infinite Scalability

With our email migration service, you get an infinite level of scalability, meaning we can easily migrate one email or a thousand without breaking a sweat. Our team uses the fastest US data farms when executing migration projects to minimize service or security disruptions.

Enhanced Network Security

As one of the leading network security providers in the country, we ensure that your email data is monitored and protected from malware, ransomware, and other threats by employing the latest cybersecurity measures.

Fully Managed Service Offerings

You can opt for other IT solutions we offer along with email migration, such as cloud migration, IT Performance Optimization, Enterprise Mobility & Security, IT Roadmapping, etc.

Zero Downtime

We understand time means money, which is why we carry out the email migration project with zero downtime so you can carry out your daily operations while we quietly optimize your systems behind the scene.

Instant Cloud Support

Our team of cloud experts is available at your service round the clock. Feel free to reach our support team for any queries, training, and available solutions.

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Percento Technologies is now one of the leading providers of email migration services and consulting in the country. If you’re ready to move your email communications to the cloud or try out a different cloud-hosted email solution, feel free to get in touch with us. We will audit your existing IT environment and recommend migration solutions accordingly.