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Get the On-Demand IT Support Your Business Deserves

We know how frustrating it is when laptops freeze or servers crash and halt all operations. Most businesses face recurring IT issues that often impact productivity and waste employees’ efforts and time. More importantly, they give rise to unpredictable miscellaneous costs that can disrupt your budget, especially if you’re a small business with minimum resources. Nothing is as frustrating as an unreliable IT professional who cannot provide high-quality support when your business needs it the most.

In the modern business landscape, you must keep operations running smoothly to remain productive and profitable.

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System or application failures can be catastrophic and halt your overall ability to carry out everyday tasks. As a consequence, you have to deal with time and money losses and even angry customers. Modern businesses require modern IT solutions and can no longer function efficiently with traditional practices, and some businesses cannot afford an in-house IT team due to budget restraints.

Fortunately, Percento Technologies offers a win-win solution for businesses in the form of on-demand IT support and delivers expert help whenever your business needs it. Our team of tech-savvy, highly-trained IT professionals are available round the clock to resolve any problem you might have. So, whether you regularly face server issues, system crashes, or faulty hardware, there’s virtually nothing our team can’t fix. Our on-demand IT support specialists proactively manage your IT infrastructure and stop issues before they cause disruptions leading to downtime.

What You’ll Get By Opting for Our On-Demand IT Support

Instant Remote Support

Our team can remotely engage with your team and access your devices to effectively diagnose and fix the issues you’re facing to minimize tech interruptions at minimal cost and effort. So, whether you’re unable to print documents, access the internet, having trouble installing an application, our team has you covered.

Server and Network Support

By opting for our On-Demand IT Support program, you can rest assured that we will keep your servers and network running. We’ll also actively monitor the health of your hardware and personal devices to ensure everything is up-to-date and compatible with your IT infrastructure.

PC and Equipment Repair

Our versatile team of IT professionals has the expertise to make minor and major PC and equipment repairs at your facility. We can easily diagnose and repair faulty hardware and parts to ensure your system is ready to go in no time.

IT Software and Hardware Training

By hiring our services, our team ensures that your employees and staff learn the basics of hardware and software installation, diagnoses, and maintenance. By making your team more self-reliant and tech-savvy, we play our part in minimizing future downtime and help boost productivity and operational efficiency.

IT Infrastructure Audit and Relocation

Small businesses usually overlook their IT infrastructure and therefore accumulate safety and performance risks. Our On-Demand IT Support team can perform a walk-in or full audit of your system to identify vulnerabilities and recommend improvements. If you’re looking to relocate to a different location, we can help you move your IT infrastructure safely and without any disruption.

Network Security Optimization

Network security is one of the most serious concerns businesses have to address in the digital era. Our On-Demand IT Support team ensures your firewalls, antivirus, and antimalware are up to date and using the latest Cybersecurity protocols

Backup Planning

No business is immune to disasters. They can harm your business in many ways, such as power surges, theft, a fire, or a server crash. One of the key IT solutions we offer is disaster planning through which you can automatically backup your data on-site or in the cloud. This way, you can protect valuable information and access it from different locations via encrypted servers.

Why Choose Percento Technologies?

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Unparalleled IT Network Support

Modern businesses suffer huge losses as a result of network crashes during operations, meetings, and other client communications. The On-Demand IT Support experts at Percento Technologies can get your system back up in no time and resolve any other issues in the process.

Highly Agile and Responsive help Desk

With our round-the-clock call and email support, you can reach our certified IT professionals anytime. Our team has all the tools to take remotely access your computers, servers, and fix the issues you’re facing once you authorize us. Our team quickly responds to all issues, especially server crashes, hard drive recovery, and network security threats.

Affordable Costs

Our services are available at a highly competitive rate. We aim to help small businesses and startups reach their full potential, and the only way to do that is to divert most of their resources and focus on core business activities. We’ll take care of systems and devices.

Targeted Solutions

Bid farewell to annoying recurring IT problems with our proactive monitoring and troubleshooting approach. With one click, learn everything you need to know about your systems, including the network’s health, number of logged-in employees and users, tickets, and virus infections. Percento Technologies offers an all-in-one IT solution for fast-moving businesses.

Peace of Mind

With a team of experts running the show from behind the scenes, your business is in safe hands. All you need to do is regularly collaborate with our team for updates, recommendations, and status reports.

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