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How Businesses Are Using Drones

January 10, 2018 by Bobby J Davidson
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You’re probably aware of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)—the drones used by the military. But, did you know that drones are now being used by businesses in operations and for marketing purposes? The drone technology has now been commercialized and here’s how businesses are making use of it!

No one can deny and forget the contributions of the military to the drone technology. They are the ones that provided the world with the drone technology—technology facilitating innovations in unique ways and this has attracted the attention of businesses. Many businesses today are using and benefiting from the drones and drone technology.

Drone are commonplace today and you will find them literally everywhere. One of the most sought-after Christmas gifts in recent times, drones have rapidly increased in use in businesses over the past couple of years.  However, the increased popularity of drones has given rise to the concerns regarding the use and regulations of the technology. But, this is understandable given that we’ve had drones used by sports networks crash into spectator stands, drones that have flown into restricted areas and drones that have intruded the privacy of celebrities by trying to capture them in their homes.

While there are some security and safety concerns related to the use of drones, the technology is expected to unlock many opportunities in the future. In fact, it is predicted to generate over 100,000 jobs across various industries by 2050 in Europe alone. Considering the massive interest in drone technology today, now is the best time to look at some of the ways drones are being used in business. So, without any further ado, here are five ways businesses are using drones today.


Photography is probably the most common commercial application of drones. The industry that has most warmed up to the idea of using drones for photography is the film industry, which comes as no surprise. For them, the technology is an upgrade to the traditional methods of photography.  It’s not just that the film industry has benefited from the drone technology; it is also the other around. The industry has played a key role in increasing the popularity of drones, enabling the authorities to experience the simple use of drones. For professional photographers and journalists, a drone that can be used to capture images is a game-changer.


For several types of inspections, drones are a useful technology to have. For instance, drones can be used by oil companies to perform inspection in remote destinations. Additionally, thanks to drone technology, wind heavy engineers no longer require brining in heavy lifting equipment or putting people at risk of injury to inspect wind turbines and turbine props. Compared to the job performed by a human, a drone can do a better work of capturing HD video of every crack, support, crevice and joint on a bridge simply because the drone is not hindered by any safety restrictions and most environmental variables.

Enhancing Security

Since the day the technology was introduced, security has been a common application of drones. Today, many U.S. states have proposed bills to legalize the use of drones by police. The device is able to stay inactive until the activation of a sensor if the drone is customized with sensors. Since you can program a drone to alert an owner and capture footage of a trespass after activation, the technology is extremely useful in enhancing the security of your business. There are practical uses of this application in the commercial sector.

While drones for enhancing security have not been built specifically for businesses, the potential benefit of this technology for businesses has increased its demand for commercial use.  This technology is also benefiting private security firms as drones allow them to improve their work efficiency. In security, high-quality surveillance is an important function, a function enabled by the mobility of drones.

Real Estate

For real estate agents or investors, major factors affecting the business income include the site location and view. Generally, clients are looking for a strategically located property with a serene environment. For buyers, the real estate aesthetics is a major factor determining their decision regarding a property. For this reason, a good way to win over buyers is a tour of the property performed through live footage.

You can increase the quality of services you provide to your clients with remote property surveys. Thanks to the drone technology, relators can now create awe-inspiring video tours of their properties. Additionally, drones allow you to capture areas that are difficult to reach on foot as well as capture video footage of large properties. In addition to the realtors, companies that perform home inspections can also benefit from this technology. By using drone to inspect properties, home inspection services can save time, energy and money.


Closely related to the application of the technology in real estate, drone application in construction is a convenient way to survey dangerous or inaccessible construction sites. Drones help construction businesses achieve this by enabling quick and inexpensive walkthroughs through a project from remote locations. With drones, construction businesses can easily scan the quality of the work, or view the specifics, such as roofing or chimney from the ground. Since it allows more durable structures to be built, the drone technology is critical for driving the construction industry and adding value to it.

There you have it—five ways drones are being used in business today. However, this is not an exhaustive list and there are many other applications of the drone technology in business. if you’re interested in finding out about the other ways businesses are using drones, then get in touch with us today!

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