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How Fiber Internet Can Benefit Your Business

April 16, 2019 by Bobby J Davidson
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FiberTechnology that has been around for a long time, fiber optics is continually evolving to provide more benefits than before. These benefits are experienced by both individual and business users. Fiber optic internet is extremely popular in today’s hyperconnected world and there’s good reason for it.

The emergence of cloud computing and the need for instant access to data means that users are desperately seeking an internet connection that offers the following: extreme bandwidth, fast and reliable internet speeds, and increased security measures. Fiber internet fill the bill perfectly and following are the reasons for it.

1.     Faster Speeds

A fast internet technology, fiber internet makes it easy and fast for businesses to transfer, download, and upload data. With a fiber internet connection, you can get speeds of up to 100 Gbps. This means that you can email and send files much faster than with a dial-up or copper-based internet connection.

According to a Sandisk research, slow internet connections decrease employee productivity by a full week per year.  By increasing the time required to complete a task, a slow internet connection adds up over time, which decreases productivity. On the other hand, fiber internet is seamless, fast, and capable of supporting employees’ workflow. Additionally, the speeds of fiber internet are symmetrical. This means that you will get the same speeds whether you are uploading or downloading a file.

The internet connection of most businesses is shared amongst laptops, desktops and VOIP systems. Additionally, some employees also connect their mobile phones and tablets to the internet network. This slows down the connection to affect the overall productivity of the organization. Therefore, it is critical for businesses to have enough bandwidth to support all the devices in their organizations. A fiber internet connection can provide just that.

2.     Reliability

Compared to copper or coaxial-based internet connections, fiber-based internet connection is much more stable. This means that the fiber optic cable is less likely to be cut or get damaged. Built to last, fiber optic cables are extremely durable, and they can keep their shape for more than thirty years. Additionally, inclement weather conditions can cause them little harm. All this makes fiber internet an extremely reliable internet connection.

3.     Cloud Access

Today, it would be hard to find a business that does not have presence in the cloud. In fact, 82% of the organizations worldwide are using the cloud in some way. It goes without saying that businesses in the cloud need a fast and reliable internet connection. Faster access to information in the cloud via SaaS tools and other platforms can benefit your business in several ways. This includes eliminating the delays your sales and customer services teams face in communicating with prospects and customers.

Therefore, you need an internet connection that provides you with fast access to data and applications in the cloud. Fiber internet can ensure this by providing the required speed and bandwidth. A fiber-internet connection is becoming critical for businesses as they transition more services to the cloud.

With cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive etc., businesses can more easily and remotely store, manage, and process their data. This allows them to lower costs and manage workload more efficiently. For optimal performance, the cloud services need a reliable and fast internet connection. A fiber-internet connection can ensure both.

4.     Increased Security

If you want to secure your business against cybercrime, then using a fiber internet connection is a great way to achieve that. This is because fiber internet is not easy to penetrate. Anyone wanting to hack into your network would have to physically cut the fibers to cause the signals to disappear.

Loss of signal in fiber internet means that someone has penetrated your network. This means that you will know right away when your connection is tampered. Compared to fiber internet, wireless or copper connections are far easier to infiltrate and gain access to by hackers. However, with fiber internet, your data and network are always secure.

5.     Signal Strength

Improved signal strength is another key benefit of using a fiber internet connection. When it travels over long distances, copper cabling can lose it signal strength. However, this rarely happens with fiber optic cables. According to a recent research, the loss of signal strength with copper cabling over hundred meters is 94%. The loss of signal strength in fiber optic over the same distance is just 3%.

The signal in a copper-based internet connection quickly gets weaker as users move further from the switch. With fiber-internet connection, it takes much longer for signal to weaken as users move further from the location of the connection. This is great news for organizations with very large facilities where a good internet signal strength is needed throughout the facility. Employees far from the telecommunications room can get the same signal strength as employees in an office next to it.

6.     Cost Savings

The sixth and perhaps the biggest benefit of a fiber-internet connection for a business is cost savings. The increased competition on the market means that fiber internet is now more affordable than ever. A fiber-internet connection costs more upfront that a copper-based connection. However, the increased reliability of fiber internet reduces your network’s downtime. This results in long-term benefits not experienced with other types of internet connections. The benefits include fewer hardware needed and reduced maintenance costs.

As seen above, there are many benefits of fiber internet for your business including faster speeds, reliable connection, faster access to the cloud, increased security, signal strength, and cost savings. The positive impact of fiber internet, as indicated above, should be reason enough for you to invest in fiber internet.

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