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Here Are Interactive Robots That You Can Buy Today

July 13, 2018 by Bobby J Davidson
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Interactive Robots

Fascinating machines, Robots are much more than just toys today. From virtual assistants to cleaning droids, robots are everywhere. In fact, you can own one yourself. Here are interactive robots that you can buy today.

According to the Interactive Robots market report, the latest trend gaining momentum in the market is advances in artificial intelligence (AI) technology. AI is a set of technologies that can be imparted in smart phones, home devices, advanced robots, and connected vehicles. Thanks to advances in AI, digital devices can now undertake complex tasks with understanding and learning. They can recognize language and emotional and social dexterity and respond accordingly.

According to the Interactive Robots market report, the global interactive robots market will potentially grow at a CAGR of 74.69% between 2017-2021. The report says that one of the major drivers for this market is innovation budget by governments for robotics. Increasing budget and subsidies for innovating robotics solutions to increase their deployment is driving innovations in interactive robots to increase their use in multiple applications.

Subsidies are driving established and new players to implement more experiments in interactive robots. Over the decade, many companies have come up with improved robots that can interact more socially and emotionally. While the likes of Facebook and Google create artificial intelligence (AI) assistants and some other companies build sci-fi robots that scare the hell out of pets, there are a surprising number of smart and interactive robots that the average Trendy Technology reader can probably get their hands on.

The Coolest Interactive Bots That You Can Buy

If you’re old enough to remember the craze around Tamagotchi—the handheld digital pet, back in the 90s, then you’d know well that owning an interactive robot can be a lot of fun. Tamagotchi was kind of our introduction to mainstream interactive robots. The toy is making a comeback but today, there are robots far more interactive that may even teach you a few things along the way. However, the best thing is that these robots are affordable which means that you can start thinking about owning your own robot.

From handheld robots to human-sized humanoids, there’s a bevy of new companions fit for the home to keep you company, tutor your kids, work with other smart home devices and keep an eye on things when you’re away. Here are 5 interactive robots that you can buy today to make your life super fun and easy.


The first humanoid robot with voice assistant Alexa inside, Lynx from UBTech can do everything Amazon Alexa can. This includes answering questions, playing music and controlling smart home devices. But, the capabilities Lynx are not limited to these things. Instead, it offers a lot more. This interactive bot can perform facial recognition, and it’s 18 digital servo motors allow it to dance and even teach you yoga poses.

In addition to the above, users of Lynx can use the robot from anywhere in the world to video chat and hug or high-five their loved ones remotely. This interactive robot from UBTech is priced at $799.


A bug-eyed boy from Asus, Zenbo looks like the lovechild of a smartphone and a trendy IKEA lamp. The robot is designed to take control of your smart home and help-out with household entertainment. A two-foot tall smartphone-on-wheels, Zenbo looks like a mechanical version of E.T. with its articulated neck and bulbous.

Displaying an expressive pair of video eyes, Zenbo acts a remote-control security camera. It can take snaps and share photos, conduct video calls, provide calendar and to-do reminders, and play games and music. Additionally, this interactive robot from Asus can tell stories, dictate recipes, control smart home products and even relay SOS messages. However, many of the actions must be prompted and enacted from the bot’s 6.8-inch touch screen. The robot is priced at $599. If you’re looking for a robot-helper for your home, then Zenbo can be a great choice.

iRobot Create 2

Ideal for the creative mind, the iRobot create 2 programmable Robot is designed to become whatever you want it to be. You can program the Create 2 with new behaviors, sounds, and movements. An interactive robot that you can build and program to your needs, Create- 2 is shaped like the popular Roomba robotic Vacuum. You can even attach your own robotic equipment, such as camera and different sensors.

The robot is created as a STEM tool, but it’s perfect for anyone who wants to explore robotics and interact with robots in a hands-on environment. The best part is that you can get all the fun for just $199.99.

Zoomer Robot Dog

Zoomer is a robot dog from Spin Master with wheels instead of paws. You can teach Zoomer to respond in three languages and it can perform tricks such as playing dead and ‘shaking hands’.When left to its own devices,Zoomer will jovially zip around on its wheel-paws and bark, which sounds annoying but should keep easily distracted children entertained and out of your hair.

While Zoomer isn’t the most advanced robot out there, it is one of the better robot pets around and is significantly easier to keep than an actual dog.

WowWee MiP

Using just a hand motion or the free app, you can easily control one of these interactive robots. An adorable robot, MiP rolls on two wheels and quickly becomes a part of your everyday life. It will carry items (up to its own weight) for you, play games, interact with other smart devices, and much more. The interactive robot is priced at just $60.

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