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Tech Review: Motorola G6—The Best Budget Smartphone Available Today

October 10, 2018 by Bobby J Davidson
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Tech Review: SmartphonesLove premium, high-end smartphones, but can’t afford them? Well now you can! The Moto G6 is everything and more that you need in a smartphone and it does not have that massive price t4ag typically associated with ‘high-end’ smartphones. Here we review the Motorola G6 to help you see exactly why it is the best budget smartphone available today!

Want to own a budget smartphone? Then there’s nothing better than the Motorola G6. Why is that? For a few years now, the ‘Moto G’ range from Motorola has been the best budget smartphone on the market. The Moto G series of Android phones has received tremendous response from smartphone users, especially from those who are on a budget but want a smartphone with most of the features you’d find in an iPhone or Samsung’s S series of smartphones.

The Moto G was introduced five years ago and ever since, it has bossed the budget smartphone market. However, a lot has changed since Moto G was first introduced, with change of ownership from Google to Lenovo being on top of that list. The good thing is that this change of ownership hasn’t affected the quality of the Moto G phone and it continues to deliver value for money with the launch of every new phone in the series. The latest set to be launched in the series is the Motorola or Moto G6—a smartphone touted as the best budget smartphone available today.

So, what is so special about the Moto G6? The first thing would be the price. $250 isn’t exactly cheap for a phone but when you compare it with the price of other smartphones in the market with similar features, you’d consider the $250 price for the Moto G6 as an absolute bargain. Now, you’re probably thinking ‘okay, tell me more about the Motorola G6 and its features.’ Well, we’re going to just that so stay with us as we reveal all there is to know about the Motorola G6.

The Moto G6 Reviewed

Five years ago, Motorola was struggling to compete with the new-age smartphones in the market. It was looking all gloomy for Motorola until the company discovered a hidden treasure almost by accident and that treasure was the Moto G. Since then, the G has gone from strength to strength and is now Motorola’s most popular series ever.

The latest phone in the series is the Moto G6—a 5.7-inch, 18:9 screen android phone that looks like a mini Samsung Galaxy S9. For a budget phone, the Moto G6 is nothing short of exceptional. While it doesn’t have quite the same level of specifications as iPhones or Samsung phone costing hundreds of dollars, the G6 delivers astonishingly good value for money.

Compared to its predecessor G5, the Moto G6 has an improved Full HD+ resolution. Additionally, users can now unlock their phone with facial recognition in addition to the fingerprint sensing found in previous Moto G’s. Other noticeable features of the G6 include USB-C fast-charging on-hand and the new dual cameras set within a fresh, curved glass, and metal design.

On paper at least, the Moto G6 looks to offer more bang for your buck than any previous G-series phone. Following is a review of the phone’s design, screen and some other features to see if the Moto G6 is really the value for money budget smartphone that Motorola is promoting it as.

The Design of the G6

As mentioned earlier, the G6 has a 5.7-inch screen, with an 18:9 screen ratio. This means that the screen is taller and narrower than before. This is great news for all the people who like watching widescreen movies or TV on their phone. The phone has a nice, curved glass back, and it doesn’t feel much different than a lot of the expensive high-end smartphones out there. Additionally, the phone is light-weight, which makes the design even more impressive.

The phone is slimmer than its predecessor and easily slips into the pocket. The quality of materials used in the phone are up a notch or two from those in previous versions of the phone. The phone has metal frame sandwiched between the screen on one side and curved, scratch-resistant gorilla glass on the other. Previous Moto G phones had housings that were mainly plastic. While that looked and felt fine, the housings on the Moto 6 make the phone look and feel much better.

A power button sits on the side of the button and a USB-C port and a headphone jack can be found along the bottom.

The G6 Screen

To keep costs-down, handsets in the G6 price range typically sacrifice a good display. Thankfully, the Moto G6 does not do that. The IPS LCD panel of the phone is much taller the one featured on the Moto G5 and the resolution has been stepped from a notch from FHD to FHD+. Unless one takes a really close look at the display, you won’t find any difference between a FHD+ and a QHD+ toting display.

The high resolution of the phone makes for detailed reproduction of images and videos, with individual pixels that are impossible to spot. When combine with the phone’s super-wide display, this makes for great viewing on YouTube and Netflix.

Battery Life

The Moto G6 has a great battery life and faster charging than ever before. The G6 has a 3,000mAh battery, which is comparable to the batteries you would find on many high-end smartphones today. Additionally, a power-efficient chip runs the phone, which when combined with the phone’s lower resolution makes for a longer lasting user experience.

The Camera

The Camera is perhaps of one of the best things about the G6.  It is a dual-lens 12-megapixel camera with HDR (high dynamic range). It takes nice, bright photos that anyone would be happy with.

There are many more features that make Moto G6 the nest budget smartphone available today. To find out about them, get in touch with us today!

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