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Network Security: The Growing Importance of Hands-On Training

April 5, 2021 by Bamboo Duck
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In today’s digital era, technology links everything in some way. Digital (or IT) skills like network security training have found its root in many established industries, including education, healthcare, manufacturing, and much more. However, each of these industries experience incessant security threats and data breaches.

As a result, corporations are willing to spend the cash on security network enhancements. As such,cybersecurity professionals have become an integral part of every modern organization to prevent known or unknown threats. With the dwindling number of cybersecurity professionals, organizations must hunt for hands-on network security training for new talent in the cybersecurity space.

Why Hands-On Network Security Training is Important

If you want to master your skills in the field of cybersecurity, then relying on books and lectures alone won’t help in a big way. Granted, cybersecurity professionals can accumulate knowledge, but implementation calls for hands-on experience.

More so, learning pace and knowledge assimilation vary from person to person. For instance, some may excel at visual learning, while others may gain more from performing the job themselves. Irrespective of an individual’s preferred mode of learning, hands-on training fosters essential skills such as implementation/configuration and tackling issues under a threat landscape. It also builds incidence response, flaw identification, critical thinking, strategic planning, empowerment, presence, and leadership.

What is the Main Purpose of Security Awareness Training?

The main purpose of security awareness training is to develop essential competencies and introduce network security professionals to new techniques and methods to address security issues. By conducting a training program regularly, an organization ensures that they have a well-trained team that handles security concerns the right way.

network security

Many organizations continue to spend huge money to beef their network security. In fact, network professionals undergo online network security courses to enhance their networking skills. But a single click of a malicious URL or a malware download can bring the whole network down.

Why is Network Security Important?

A robust network security system lessens the risk of businesses falling victim to a cyber-attack or a malicious campaign. Hackers and cybercriminals are always finding new ways to exploit the vulnerabilities in a network. Hence, good network security protects your network from harmful spyware and prevents attackers from accessing sensitive data. While damage from security breaches vary, restoring data loss from minor system breaches can be costly.

There are several online education websites that offer security certification courses to boost your skills. Pre-emptive work not only provides a secure environment for people to carry out their daily tasks, but also prevents unauthorized access to critical data. Securing a network is not an easy task. You need to close all possible holes in the system. This includes all connected devices and every other software and application running in the network.

Unsurprisingly, large corporations and government agencies employ highly-skilled and experienced and certified network security professionals to manage security protocols and data protection. Additionally, organizations seek third party assistance to carry out complete security assessments to identify system vulnerabilities.

How Does Hands-On Network Security Training Help?

If you are looking to build a career from security training, you need to receive the right kind of training to help you understand it. While network security training is available from online courses, not all of them will provide you with a clear understanding of the concept. That is why we have come out with our own version of hands-on network security training. It is designed to help you resolve the most pressing issues regarding your system’s cybersecurity.

Courses offering hands-on experience will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Administering and troubleshooting network issues
  • Planning and implementing the required network security measures
  • Monitoring the networking continuously for security breaches
  • Responding to network security incidents
  • Formatting security guidelines and policies for the network
  • Training others to practice basic security protocols

It is important that you take advantage of the course outlines to learn as much as possible about network security. It is designed to provide you with the basics with a focus on creating network. These administrators will  develop skills to protect, detect and respond to the threats on the network system.


With growing cybersecurity threats in today’s business world, it is imperative that you take your organization’s network security seriously. That is where hands-on training comes into play. Specifically, it prepares you for the worst of the attacks by insuring that you have all the right tools to negate threats or cyberattacks. It is designed to help you not only understand how cyberattacks take place but also provide you with the best ways preventive measures against attacks.

So, if you’re worried about your network security, you should look towards hands-on training as the best method to prepare yourself from cybercriminals and cyberattacks on your networks.

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