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Review of Microsoft’s Surface Book 2

November 14, 2017 by Bamboo Duck
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Microsoft Surface Book 2The Holiday Season is almost upon us and Microsoft is welcoming it with the new Surface Book model: the Microsoft Surface Book 2.  Unveiled in October, the Microsoft Surface Book 2 has gotten rid of all the issues in the original model. Here’s more about the all-new Surface Book from Microsoft!

While appallingly expensive, the all-new Surface Book 2 is a sight to behold.  Announced by Microsoft in October, the new Surface Book 2 is a much-improved version of the original Surface Book. Having a hinged design, the laptop comes with new Kably Lake processors, and a variety of storage and RAM configurations. A complete powerhouse, Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 has a beautiful display and a magnesium finish. What else does the new laptop from Microsoft offer? Let’s find out.

Microsoft Surface Book 2: A Feature Full Laptop

The most powerful Surface yet according to Microsoft, the Microsoft Surface Book 2 looks kind of similar to the original Surface Book from the outside but when you lift the hood, you find a faster and much more efficient Surface Book. So, how does the new Microsoft Surface Book compare to the original in terms of design and features? Let’s take a look.

Design of the Microsoft Surface Book 2

To spot the difference in design between the new Surface Book and the original version, you’ll have to look pretty hard—at the Surface Book 2 that is. If you do look hard, the only difference between the two that you’d be able to spot is the more hinged look in the Surface Book 2. A hybrid design, the Surface Book 2 can be used as a laptop or converted into a table by unhitching the screen.

A 15-inch model, Surface Book 2 comes with a USB-C, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, two USB 3.0s, and an SD card reader. The hinged design means that when you lift the hood, and the Surface Book 2’s depth stretches back by almost 20 mm. This allows the laptop to have a superior contact footprint on the surface of your desk, increasing the balance and stability of the system as a whole.

Eye-Catching Display

Microsoft’s Surface displays have always been eye catching and this is evident in the new Surface Book 2 as well. A gorgeous display, the screen of the Surface Book 2 is a screen on which one would happily watch soap operas or wrestling all day long. The display misses the 4k mark by six hundred horizonal pixels but that isn’t to say the 3240×2160 display of the Surface Book 2 is not good enough for video streaming, image editing or web browsing. Unless you stick your face against the screen, there is no chance of you noticing the lack of 600 pixels.

Boasting vibrant colors and excellent contrast, both images and videos look great on the display. In fact, the text is pin-sharp. The Surface 2 also offers great viewing angles, which is excellent news when you consider that the laptop will act partly as a tablet. Bright and detailed, the display of the Surface Book 2 is something Microsoft can be proud of and with this, we move onto the Surface Book 2’s usability.

A Joy to Use

A joy to type on, the keyboard of Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 is extremely easy to use. Backlit and having an encouraging amount of depth, each key on the keyboard feels extremely comfortable to press. Compared to the MacBook’s butterfly keys, the keys on the Surface Book 2 offer a lot more feedback, ensuring a better typing experience for users of the all-new Surface Book.

A trackpad can recognize motion and differentiate right clicks from left clicks accurately. Furthermore, the multi-touch trackpad of the Surface Book 2 is slick and works seamlessly. In addition to the multi-touch trackpad, the Surface Book 2 boasts a Surface Pen and Dial. Of the two, the Dial is the more interesting feature. By rotating and clicking this feature, you can scroll or zoom in any application, adjust screen brightness and volume, and change Photoshop brushes. In fact, you can convert the Surface Book 2 into your very own drafting table by pressing the Dial on the screen and holding the Pen in hand.

Impeccable Performer

While the design, display and usability of a laptop matter, the most important thing is always going to be its performance. If you’re looking for a top-performing laptop, then look no further than the Surface Book 2. While the original version wasn’t a bad performer, the new Surface Book beats it hand down in terms of performance. A beefier model, the Surface Book 2 is a fully equipped laptop boasting 1 Terabyte storage, 17GB RAM, and an 8th generation Intel Core i7 central processing unit.

In short, the new Surface Book is fast and it can run complex computer aided design programs without batting an eye. To date, Microsoft’s Surface laptops have been productive for gaming and lightweight photo and video editing,s but the new Surface Book takes that experience to a whole new level. Featuring dedicated Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), the Surface Book 2 has far superior processors than the previous Surface models, making it much more powerful than its predecessors.

Are You Ready to Invest in Microsoft’s Surface Book 2?

Starting at $1,499, the Surface Book 2 is a laptop you’d think twice about before buying, mainly due to the extravagant price tag. But, Microsoft believes the price tag is justified. So, we leave the decision to you. Using the information given above, you can decide for yourself whether paying almost $1,500 for Microsoft Surface Book 2 is worthwhile.

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