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Samsung’s Foldable Display Business Is Coming

March 3, 2018 by Bobby J Davidson
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Foldable PhoneOver the years, Samsung—the South Korean Multinational electronics and tech company, has produced many aesthetically pleasing and functionally brilliant electronic items including a wide range of eye-catching smart phones. In fact, Samsung’s smart phones have been the main competitor to the iPhone in the past decade or so. Now, the company is hoping to slash iPhone’s market share with unique Smartphone offerings such as the rumored foldable Galaxy X. Here’s more about Samsung’s foldable phone display business!

Foldable phones are not a thing of the future, they are already here. And, the company that will be registering its name in history as the first to launch a foldable smartphone is Samsung.

Throughout 2017, rumors were flying around that Samsung was going to launch a foldable Galaxy X soon but there was nothing substantial backing the rumor until January 31 when Samsung unveiled its plans to manufacture foldable screens.  On January 31, Samsung announced in a public meeting with investors that it will be launching the foldable Galaxy X in 2018. The South Korean multinational company is aiming to differentiate itself from the competition by introducing cutting-edge products such as the foldable OLED smartphones.

According to some sources, the actual release date for the foldable Galaxy X may be somewhere at the end of your year, with December being the most likely month for the it.

How the Foldable Smartphones Came About

Contrary to popular belief, the concept of foldable phones is nothing new. In fact, it was Samsung itself that gave the world a prototype of this cutting-edge technology. This was in 2011 when Samsung created a foldable phone prototype that looked kind of awkward but worked quite well to the surprise of many people out there. Even after a hundred thousand folds, the device remained intact, and its brightness at the center, dropped by just 6%.

While the product didn’t go up for sale that year, the South Korean electronics company released a concept video showcasing a transparent and fully bendable device capable of transitioning from a phone-sized screen to a tablet-sized one. This made clear the ambitions of Samsung for the technology.

What Samsung’s Hopes to Gain from Its Foldable Display Business

According to a statement released by Samsung, the foldable display business of the company that includes the foldable OLED displays will help drive its growth in 2018. Samsung is hoping that its foldable technology/products will help distinguish the company from its competitors. The foldable business is part of Samsung’s efforts to grow revenue rapidly, which includes the sale of the Bixby voice assistant technology.

With many patents being filed by different smart phone manufacturers including Samsung, Microsoft, and LG, phones unfolding into seamless full-screen tablets have been on the agenda since long. However, the lack of folding displays has prevented this from becoming a reality. Samsung hopes to launch the foldable phone sometime this year, but it will only put the phone up for sale once it has ‘overcome’ the problems with this product.

Starting as a concept in 2011, Samsung’s foldable displays might finally see the day of light in 2018. However, only time will reveal what the launch of these displays means for Samsung.

What We Know About the Foldable Galaxy X So Far

A lot has been said and written about the foldable Galaxy X that Samsung hopes to release sometime this year. However, no one is 100% sure about the phone’s features. Nonetheless, there are many rumored features of the phone and we will list the most interesting ones here.

A Splittable Display

It has been rumored that the foldable Galaxy X will give users the option of a bigger display. Additionally, some people are suggesting that the device would either open and close horizontally like a notepad or inward like a book. It is expected that the maximum screen size of this foldable smart phone would be comparable to that of a tablet.

However, the most interesting thing about the foldable phone is the potential ability to split the display into separate panels that show one big picture or two entirely different things. This ability is evident in other products of Samsung such as the ultrawide 48-inch computer monitor.

Built-in Screen Protector

Depending on its outside layer material, the foldable Galaxy X could serve as its own screen protector. However, if the device fell facedown then it might not provide much resistance, causing a substantial financial loss to the device’s owner.

It Will Make the Edge Panel Obsolete

The foldable Galaxy X is rumored will have curved edges and a foldable screen, which means that it won’t have the signature curved-display design and corresponding panel software typically seen in Samsung’s products. This may be the beginning of the end of the edge panel. Hosting shortcuts to apps and other easy-access functions, the edge panel of Samsung is essentially a second screen.

However, you cannot access the panel and the main screen at the same time, which is a limitation to ponder. With the foldable phone, users will be able to host more apps on the main screen and improve their ability to multitask among apps.

It Will Be More Expensive Than Other Smartphones

While it isn’t 100% certain, the foldable phone of Samsung is likely to more expensive than other smartphones in the market and this is understandable as foldable displays as the most innovative thing in the smartphone world to date.

Samsung’s foldable display business is coming and the company hopes that this will take it to new heights. However, only time will reveal what really happens. For now, you can get in touch with us to get more information on the foldable Galaxy X or find out about other similar technology in the market.

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