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Why Are AI and IoT Perfect Partners for Boosting Business Productivity?

February 25, 2021 by Bamboo Duck
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The Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have taken the business world by storm. In fact, many businesses rely on the partnering of the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence to drive business growth. With IoT, businesses take advantages of the biggest industry trends by easily collecting more and more data. Furthermore, combined use of IoT and AI creates smart machines that mimic intelligent behavior. Subsequently, businesses can make well-informed decisions with little direct human interaction. There’s no denying that the Internet of Things (IoT) significantly impacts global digital connection.

Today, billions of devices connect to the internet and share data around the world. The Internet of Things (IoT) allows businesses to acquire reliable and secure real-time data and transform it into meaningful insights to improve performance. This has led to a transformative impact on lessening the consumption of resources and enhanced company productivity.

Predictions suggest that North America and Asia will lead innovation in IoT and AI. Additionally, embedded AI that supports IoT smart objects will be worth $4.6 billion by the year 2024.

The Role of IoT and AI in Enhancing Enterprise Management

The increasing numbers of IoT devices has led to the creation of massive amounts of data in a short period. This data exists in image, video, audio, or an unstructured form. Predictably, IoT systems’ continuous accrual of data proves challenging for human processing and analysis. Fortunately, AI offers an effective way to optimize use of this data.

The integration of IoT and AI has progressively influenced how businesses operate and profit. For example, enterprises are shifting to the cloud to acquire massive amount of computing power to run AI. Of course, these technologies can help businesses to better satisfy and engage their customers.

In fact, there are claims that AI will drive around 85% of consumer relationships with a brand in the future. The use of chat bots that respond to customer queries accurately and deliver a personalized experience demonstrate movement in this direction.

Industry experts agree that using IoT and AI together can only be advantageous for AI closes the loop in an IoT environment where IoT devices accumulate and create data. Then, artificial intelligence helps in automating the important actions and choices based on that data. Both these technologies help businesses make accurate predictions to improve efficiency in the long run. Also, IoT and AI provide useful insights into those tasks that are redundant or time-consuming and fine-tune or automate them.

Population shifts into urban areas call for balancing demand and supply. The good news is that IoT and AI allow business leaders to manage their inventory by determining when to restock. Subsequently, this removes pressure on marketers and allows them to make item adjustments.

Leveraging the Combined Strategy of IoT and AI

As businesses navigate the technological race, they increasingly draft strategies for the Internet of Things. Specifically, they review jobs that require this technology. They also acquire more value in their current IoT installations through artificial intelligence that offer basic command of flow diagrams, forecasts and trends.

Additionally, the starting capital for any IoT project is subject to rapid growth when you integrate IoT with AI. Thus, companies across industries are learning about the amalgamation of IoT and AI to provide new services.

All IoT applications and implementations are technically influenced by Artificial Intelligence. Now, even major IoT providers have begun providing integrated AI applications based on machine learning analytics. Furthermore, IoT applications offer machine-learning analytics that are part of AI, which identify patterns and detect irregularities in the information generated by smart devices and sensors.


Businesses are always looking at ways to get ahead of their competition. As such, using data intelligently is more important than ever before to revolutionize their products and services. The relentless advancements in technology help them access data and understand customer needs.

The Internet of Things helps capture data from a variety of sources. In turn, enterprises capitalize on better analysis and constant improvements. Combining that data with artificial intelligence allows business to gain valuable insights that drive their productivity.

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