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The Benefits and Real Impact Of 5G Mobile

January 22, 2020 by Bobby J Davidson
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5G Mobile

5G Mobile; In 2019, it finally became a reality. What is 5G? It is the 5th generation of mobile technology.  A few years ago, 4G or LTE mobile technology was launched; this technology changed the world of smartphones by significantly increasing data transmission speeds. However, the opportunities unlocked by 4G are nothing compared to the endless possibilities that come with 5G mobile technology. Here, we will look at the benefits and the real impact of 5G mobile.

5G Mobile Promises a Lot but What Can We Realistically Expect

The first 5G networks in the U.S were deployed recently. This has led to great hype in the country around the next generation of wireless technology. Different mobile network companies are making different predictions about 5G.

AT&T is promoting the technology as ‘a new kind of network.’

Verizon expects the technology to have a ‘massive impact on how we live, work, and play.’

T-Mobile sees 5G ‘changing the way we live.’

Lastly, Sprint likens the technology to ‘the step up from Black-and-White Television to Colored TV

From the above, it is clear that mobile network companies—enterprises with a better idea of 5G implementation and the opportunities it can potentially unlock—think highly of the technology and what it brings to the table. At this point, you may want to know: what is it that 5G brings to the table? In one word, lots! 5G can aid in the development of many futuristic and disruptive technologies.

Examples of these technologies are the Internet of Things (IoT), automation technology, augmented and virtual reality, autonomous cars, etc. Still confused about what 5G technology brings to the table? Let’s dive into the details of the benefits of 5G mobile network to make things clear.

1.     Changed Networking

Some changes need to be made to how networks currently operate in order to fulfill the promise of near-perfect wireless speed and consistency. To handle the scalability and throughput capabilities of 5G, mobile network companies will have to utilize Software-Defined Networks (SDN).

What is the benefit of using SDN? You no longer need to add new functionality on the traditional hardware timeline which is known to be slow. Instead, you can add the functionality on the faster software-based timeline. This, in turn, will ensure a more efficient and agile network. IoT stands to benefit the most from this.

By 2020, we are expected to have billions of connected devices. The only viable solution to manage and secure the additional traffic is a software-defined network (SDN): a network enabled by 5G mobile technology. The benefit of this for corporate networks is increased bandwidth and lower costs.

2.     IoT Enabler

With 5G technology on the horizon, there couldn’t have been a better time for the Internet of Things (IoT) to the public spotlight; great timing indeed. The adoption of IoT will accelerate with the deployment of the 5G technology; this will allow IoT devices to transfer/share communication capabilities, processing power, and intelligence across connected sensors, mobile devices, and networks.

3.     Impact on Latency

5G will have a major impact on network latency. For example, you will be less likely to experience failure or delay time in a 5G network when making video or data-based voice calls. The same is true for streaming movies; you will finally be able to watch your favorite series on Netflix or Amazon Prime without any lagging or disruption.

4.     Greater Flexibility

Compared to 4G mobile technology, 5G networks will offer greater flexibility. This will be made possible with network slicing. What is network slicing? It is a process which separates a physical network into several virtual networks; the purpose of this is to allow the user to use only the part of the network they need based on their current requirements.

5.     Improved Battery Life

Many industry experts predict that 5G will help extend the battery life of devices by up to ten times. This is a surprise considering that you’d expect higher network speeds to drain the battery life of devices quicker.

6.     Autonomous Cars

5G can play a critical role in bringing autonomous cars to the general public. We heard a lot about autonomous cars and even seen some prototypes. With 5G, we may soon see these cars become a reality.

According to some tech companies, 5G can be up to a hundred faster than 4G mobile technology; this will allow for more devices to connect to a network at the same time than currently. What does this mean for cars? They will be able to interact with each other in real-time to know when the ‘other car’ will brake or change lanes; this will help to avoid accidents and manage traffic on the roads.

An example of this is the upcoming electric SUV from BMW called iNext. The car is equipped with sensors that can collect and process data from the surroundings.

7.     Remote Working

One of the biggest benefits of 5G technology is that it can enable a reliable and disruption-free internet connection. In many ways, it will be like having an extremely reliable Wi-Fi hotspot that basically covers the entire globe. This is great news for remote workers and teams that are set up virtually.

Today, many organizations in the U.S and abroad are looking to transition to remote working. However, it has been a tough ride for them trying to make this possible. While cultural challenges have been a stumbling block, the problem is mainly due to not having the right technology in place.

The good news is that 5G can ensure seamless connectivity to allow organizations to enable an augmented or virtual reality experience for their remote employees; this will make them feel like a part of the physical setup.

As seen above, 5G technology promises to change the world by enabling many benefits for both individual users and businesses. To stay updated with the latest in 5G technology, keep following our page.

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