IT Vendor Management Services

Outsource Your Heavy Lifting to IT Vendor Managers

Think about the last time you invested in a new solution at your workplace. How many vendors did you have to deal with to implement it? More importantly, how much resources and time did you spend customizing every solution according to your requirement?

Modern businesses demand simpler solutions to multiple problems, which is why IT Vendor Management Services are in huge demand in the digital era.

By opting for a one-stop management solution, you can help streamline your operations through extensive hardware and software solutions. You can also decrease the number of vendors you manage daily by outsourcing the task to a single company. This way, you can not only save resources but also sustain your IT infrastructure and processes while strengthening your network security and customer relationships.

At Percento Technologies, we believe that your IT infrastructure should be an enabler, not a juggling act. Our highly skilled and experienced IT Vendor Managers can help organizations control costs, manage digital solutions, and reduce risks to maximize value retention from vendors during their product’s lifecycle. We are familiar with modern business practices and all the trending technologies in the market. Thus, we can procure and implement different technologies, processes, policies, and procedures that fit your company’s goals and budget.

Our Services and Solutions

Cloud Solutions Procurement & Management

We provide organizations with a vast selection of cloud solutions, including Microsoft, Cisco, HP, Dell, VMware, Amazon, etc. This will allow you to not only pick from the best solutions in the market but also operate without worrying about protection, support, maintenance, and updates. While you focus on your core business activities, we’ll take care of everything else, including:

  • Proactive Contract Renewals
  • Rapid Product Support
  • Prompt Software Updates
  • Budgetary Planning
  • Managing contracts and Technology Investments
  • Reducing Downtime

Hardware & Software Procurement and Management

By hiring our IT Vendor Management Services, you get a team of IT experts who are familiar with complex IT environments, industry trends and standards, and market prices. Therefore, we can offer unbiased advice on which hardware/software solutions to opt for and also help reduce the purchase costs. We have long-term relationships with most major hardware & software vendors in the world so let us become the primary source for all your IT needs. We’ll take care of everything, including:

  • Product Renewals and Warranty claims
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Product Maintenance and Support

Our 6-Step IT Vendor Management Approach

1. Develop a Vendor Management Strategy

Before we do what we do, we take our time to understand your industry, specific business needs, current IT infrastructure, and budget to plan our approach. For example, if you prioritize network security and reliability, we’ll recommend solutions that stand out in those departments.

2. Create a Vendor Selection Criteria

To ensure we’re on the same page throughout, we proactively devise vendor selection criteria based on strengths, weaknesses, and value offerings. This way, you can choose solutions that best fit your organization in terms of cost, performance, security, support, etc.

3. Create Contracts and Bid Documents

Depending on your company size, you’ll have to seek bids for big purchases and vendor relations based on your organization’s needs. This process involves creating a Request for Quote, Information, or Proposal document which we’ll send out to different vendors for prices, solutions, recommendations, etc.

4. Offer Evaluation and Vendor Shortlist

We will evaluate all offers available based on cost, compatibility with your IT infrastructure, and your IT team’s competence. Most businesses automatically opt for the lowest price, but we put emphasis on your needs and choose the right solution. This way, you have a better chance of achieving your strategic and operational goals. Settling for the lowest bidder often means you’re compensating for performance.

5. Contract Negotiations

After narrowing down the list of potential vendors, we proceed to negotiate the contract with both the preferred solution and the next best alternative. We take our time to negotiate a win-win contract so both parties can have a mutually beneficial relationship and grow together.

6. Vendor Management

Using KPI reports and active monitoring tools, we practically manage all the vendors you have onboard your enterprise. We also look for ways to reduce costs and improve performance by active feedback to the vendors. With a stable relationship model, we keep an eye on everything while you and your team carry out their everyday tasks, thus ensuring the vendor’s service quality remains consistent throughout the contract’s tenure.

Why Choose Percento Technologies?

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As a US-based technology firm, Percento Technologies provides a one-stop solution for IT Vendor Management. We work with some of the top companies in the country as well as hundreds of small businesses. With our versatile solutions, you can enhance network security, vendor viability, and return on technology investment.

Here’s what sets us apart from the rest:

  • World-class Expertise
  • Proven Industry Experience
  • 24/7/365 Availability
  • Up-to-date Management Solutions
  • Enhanced Mobility
  • Improved Network Security and Compliance
  • Expert Negotiation Skills and Vendor Acquisition Strategies

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Percento Technologies is now one of the leading IT Vendor Management Companies in the country. Our highly-trained and experienced team can help maintain long-term relationships with vendors to maximize productivity and cost savings. Feel free to call our friendly support team for more information.