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Discover the Ever-Expanding Potential of Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure has become a global leader in both public and private cloud.

It is an open cloud technology that provides users access to 200+ applications that they can integrate into their IT infrastructures. The IaaS and PaaS-based platform features several other technologies, such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and DevOps, all of which you can add to your in-office systems.

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Azure is fully compatible with all Microsoft products, making it a go-to choice for businesses with an existing Microsoft infrastructure on their premises.

As one of the most reputable Microsoft Azure consulting & managed services in the market today, Percento Technologies can help you fully exploit the power of this cloud solution. Our team of certified Microsoft experts and software engineers demonstrates the capabilities required to design, develop, migrate, and operate complex Azure environments for small and large businesses.

An Overview of Microsoft Azure Services

Azure Application Services

Azure application services are used for development and deployment on the platform. Here are the most popular app services Azure offers:

Azure AI
Using Azure AI, your IT team can create interactive applications with AI capabilities, such as face detection, text analytics, and speech recognition.

Azure Analytics
With Azure Analytics, teams can swiftly break down and analyze data silos by running queries to gain valuable insight and make better business decisions.

Azure IoT
Azure IoT gives businesses an innovative SaaS platform using which they can develop custom IoT solutions with great flexibility and pre-configured solutions.

Azure Data Services

Azure data services provide cloud storage for businesses with different options, such as Azure Storage, Azure Redis Cache, and Azure SQL Database.

Azure Storage
Azure Storage remains the most prevalent Azure Data Service with millions of users worldwide. It offers an all-in-one storage solution for structured and unstructured data. With Percento Technologies on board, your team can ensure safe cloud migration with several storage options, such as queue, file, NoSQL, and blob.

Azure Development Services

Microsoft Azure comes with several development tools and applications that enable continuous delivery to customers.

Azure DevOps
Azure DevOps is one of Microsoft’s most essential development services. It automates the software delivery process by providing companies an alternate solution to on-premises, self-managed servers, and open-source tools.

Azure Compute Services
Azure also offers several services for hosting and running the application workloads, such as Azure Virtual Machines, Azure App Services, and Azure ServiceFabric.

Azure VMs
Azure VMs is the most frequently use Compute Service offered by Azure. It is an on-demand, virtual computing resource using which your teams can select an operating system, configured their required applications and resources, and create an online server.

Azure Network Services

Lastly, Azure offers a host of Network Services to connect cloud and on-premise IT infrastructures, such as the Azure Virtual Network, Azure Traffic Manager, and Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Azure Content Delivery Network
Azure CDN offers a rapid file distribution system by providing high bandwidth content. It caches files to one of Microsoft’s data centers to decrease the load on the application, thereby, speeding up delivery.

What We Do



Percento Technologies offers world-renowned Azure consulting services from strategizing to development, integration, migration, and cloud support.


With a team of highly trained software engineers, we help our clients develop custom infrastructure solutions that are cost-effective, efficient, and secure.


We provide quick and secure Azure migration services according to your business goals, timeframes, and development capabilities, thereby, minimizing scope creeping and disruptions.

Managed Services

We provide quick and secure Azure migration services according to your business goals, timeframes, and development capabilities, thereby, minimizing scope creeping and disruptions.

Why Choose Percento Technologies?

As a US-based technology firm, Percento Technologies provides a one-stop solution for Microsoft Azure Services. We have helped hundreds of small and large businesses adopt the latest cloud solutions into their infrastructure. With our versatile solutions, you can enhance application development, delivery, and security.

Here’s what sets us apart from the rest:

  • World-class Expertise
  • Proven Industry Experience
  • 24/7/365 Availability
  • Hundreds of Microsoft Azure Solutions
  • Improved Cloud Security and Compliance
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Percento Technologies is fully committed to ensuring that your IT infrastructure performs up to the industry standards to fuel growth and transformation. Our Microsoft Azure consulting & managed services team simplifies the migration, development, and optimization process with minimum disruptions and maximum efficiency. So get in touch with us right away and briefly share your Microsft Azure migration and applications requirements.