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In-house IT project design, development, and management in the digital era are not only time-consuming and complex but also incredibly risky due to cybersecurity threats looming around and focus disruption from the core business functions. Whether you’re planning to migrate your database to the cloud, install a disaster recovery solution, or simply optimize network security, you need full-time IT intervention from a team of experienced IT experts who are not only well-equipped with the proper tools and technologies but also well-versed with the latest project management practices in the industry.

This way, your in-house team can continue on their core activities while experts effectively manage projects behind the scene.

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At Percento Technologies, we have delivered thousands of successful IT projects across several industries our proven methodology promises timely project delivery, effective scope and risk management, and optimal resource allocation. With a versatile team of project managers, software engineers, help desk specialists, and cloud practitioners, we offer a broad range of IT project design services and specialize in areas, such as cloud and email migration, cybersecurity, backup solutions, and IT infrastructure overhaul, etc.

Our 5 Steps Proven Process to Successful IT Project Design and Management

Our IT project design and management methodology include five complex phases designed to derail and synchronize all activities throughout the project as per the agreement and objectives.

1. Project Scoping and Existing Infrastructure Audit

In the first step of our winning process, your IT project manager determines your project objectives in terms of goals, budget, deadlines, and expectations. Following this, your dedicated project team conducts a detailed audit of your IT environment and security to identify project risks and system capabilities.

2. Project Feasibility Study and Risk Management

Using the findings of the detailed audit, our team determines if your project is feasible in terms of budget and resources. With this information, we can offer better solutions based on your capabilities or the next best alternative. As one of the leading network security providers in the country, we emphasize IT security governance in our risk management strategy to ensure your IT project design and management falls under compliance with the recommended industry practices.

3. New Infrastructure Design

Next, our team of IT experts will design a high-performing, cost-effective solution to improve/expand your existing infrastructure or design a new one from scratch. During the design course, we will create and maintain technical documentation to provide real-time progress reports and effectively predict, prevent, or fix technical issues.

4. Procurement and Resource Allocation

Following the IT project design process, we procure all the resources (hardware/software/personnel) effectively and allocate them where required. This way, we ensure that at every stage of the process, our teams have everything they need to execute your project without any disruptions.

5. Development, Deployment, and Performance Evaluation

During the development phase, your dedicated IT team creates a detailed work breakdown structure and stick to the design and execution plan. Effective communication is one of the most important aspects of the execution phase to ensure smooth sailings at all times. During the deployment, we upload the new application or solution onto your on-premises or cloud servers conduct a thorough performance evaluation. We also train in-house IT teams or employees to operate the new systems and transition smoothly. Following the project completion, we hand over all project documentation and perform routine maintenance.

Why Percento Technologies?

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We believe in collaboration through radical transparency. Before we take on your project, we aim to understand what your company is trying to accomplish, in terms of growth, opportunities, and scalability. By evaluating your resources, time frame, and budget, we recommend solutions that will deliver maximum value.

IT Roadmap & Planning

Our team of experts takes time to audit and evaluate different IT environments and devise a plan based on systems’ capabilities and resources to avoid scope creeping and budget shortfall.

Superior Project Management

Over the years, we have refined our IT project design, road mapping, and management approach to consistently deliver high-quality projects on time and in a cost-effective manner.

Real-Time Project Reporting

At Percento Technologies, we prioritize effective communication by providing user-friendly progress reports to our clients to ensure we’re on the same page throughout the project. We try to proactively report potential disruptions to improve decision-making and resource management.

Exceptional IT Expertise

With a versatile team of IT industry veterans, software engineers, and cloud practitioners, you can rest assured that your project is in good hands. Every year, we deliver projects worth millions of dollars to companies across several industries.

Remote Project Management

Our IT project managers seamlessly control our teams scattered around the country by providing real-time expertise or resources. Clients can also follow up regarding the development process round the clock to ensure transparent communications.

Round-the-Clock Support

Our team of IT experts is available at your disposal 24/7/365 for technical assistance, queries, and project progress reports. We also offer our clients a direct line to their project managers to minimize wait time.

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Percento Technologies is now one of the leading IT Project Design and Management services in the country. We aim to eliminate all design, road mapping, procurement, and development challenges to ensure smooth progress at all times. Feel free to get in touch with us regarding your projects, and we will offer you the most cost-effective IT solutions in the market.