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On-Site and Cloud-based IT Disaster Recovery Services

Protecting your businesses has become complicated in the digital age, with organizations becoming more reliant on technology. Like every other medium, technology reliance isn’t risk-free, and no business is immune to a disaster, which could be a server crash, cyber breach, fire, employee error, flood, or theft, etc. While you can’t prevent all disasters, you can prepare for them proactively with IT disaster recovery services.

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Regardless of the disaster’s shape, type, and size, Percento Technologies can help devise a detailed disaster recovery plan (DRP) that will allow you to anticipate, prevent, and manage disruptions to maintain productivity and business availability. Our team of versatile IT professionals and engineers is equipped with the latest disaster recovery tools and technologies to respond to unplanned incidents. We also actively monitor and evaluate IT infrastructure, applications, data, and cloud systems performance to recommend improvements that can further prevent lost revenue, brand damage, and customer dissatisfaction.

Our IT Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster Recovery Design

Our expert disaster recovery team will evaluate your IT environment and process to develop a customized plan that fits your organization. We will talk to your IT teams to fully understand your application and infrastructure inventory and design a cost-effective recovery solution featuring a full-scale analysis, IT roadmap, and report.

Backups and Replications

We back up all your essential data and digital assets on our servers to ensure they’re not lost following an unexpected disaster. We also offer replication services to create exact copies of data and applications on your server and network. So, if one network goes down, you don’t have to lose your files, images, videos, and documents. The replications will also be accessible using the same security settings, passwords, and user preferences.

Disaster Recovery Training

Our team will turn your customized disaster recovery design and plan into actionable steps or instructions for your IT team and other key personnel. With these instructions, they can eliminate delays and execute contingencies and failover processes effectively without any intervention. End users undergo mock drills to practice for live events using operational guides provided by our team.

Prevention Hardware & Software Procurement and Installation

Our team can procure physical backup technologies such as hard disks, servers, external drives, etc., from the top vendors in the market in the event of failure. We will also take care of installation, configuration, and management. To prevent or deal with cyber attacks, you need the latest antivirus software, firewalls, and Cybersecurity solutions to safeguard your infrastructure. As network security experts, we can install and deploy the right solutions for your business.

Percento Technologies Protects Your Business These Unexpected Events

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Application Crashes

When applications malfunction or crash, our servers take over to not only help you redeploy them but also protect any valuable data from being lost in the process. This way, your in-house or remote teams can continue to carry out their tasks uninterrupted.

Server Crashes

Domain-wide crashes are fairly common in the digital age, with businesses losing multiple servers due to congestion or bugs. Our backup servers are ready to take over your traffic anytime to minimize disruptions.

Hardware Failure

In the unfortunate event of a hardware malfunction or failure, we deploy several failsafe processes to ensure your network remains operational and stable. Our technical team will also take care of repairs and equipment/parts procurement.


Workplace hardware is not only susceptible to failure and damage but also theft. If your server or any network device is stolen, our backup and IT disaster recovery services will ensure that you lose no customer or employee data.


A fire on your premises should no longer result in data loss in the digital era. Our cloud-based systems automatically take over when your physical systems become compromised. This way, you can continue operations while fixing the physical damage from the fire.

Natural Disasters

Wildfires, earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters can put a stop to your operations and employees if you don’t have a contingency in place. Percento Technologies ensures that all your documents and digital assets are safe and recoverable once you resume operations.

Cyber Attacks

Malware, ransomware, phishing, and other cyber attacks can lead to disruptions, business loss, and customer dissatisfaction. As one of the leading network security firms in the country, we actively monitor, identify, and eliminate threats round the clock to minimize disruptions. In the event of a breach, we can shift your traffic and data from the affected servers.


Why Choose Percento Technologies?

As a US-based technology firm, Percento Technologies provides a one-stop solution for IT Disaster Recovery. With thousands of backup and recovery projects under our belt, we now cater to various industry sectors and offer customized solutions.

Here’s what sets us apart from the rest:

  • World-class expertise
  • Proven industry experience
  • 24/7/365 availability
  • Up-to-date data recovery solutions
  • Enhanced mobility
  • Improved network security and compliance
  • Streamlined, swift recovery with automated orchestration
  • Software-defined recovery environment with minimal risk and human errors
  • Fully optimized resiliency due to cloud testing and DR process validation

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