IT Infrastructure Services & Solutions

Effectively Manage Your IT Infrastructure to Streamline Operations and Services

In the modern business environment, IT infrastructure is the backbone of any organization. No matter your business’s scale or domain, you must carefully plan, deploy, and maintain your PCs, network, servers, and connected devices to function efficiently. Any type of failure or service disruption can temporarily halt operations, leading to productivity loss, angry customers, and miscellaneous costs incurred.

A flexible, responsive, and reliable IT infrastructure can be the difference between failure and success today and become one of your value propositions.

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Percento Technologies brings years of experience and in-depth technical expertise in planning, implementing, and managing specific IT infrastructure needs. We utilize the latest tools and technology to take care of your servers, workstations, data networks, backup systems, and connected devices to ensure everything remains functional at all times. We have built a solid partnership with some of the leading equipment and software brands, such as Microsoft, IBM, and Dell to create a single-stop solution for our clients.

Simply put, we put your IT environment in the hands of highly experienced IT professionals and engineers who are trained in IT infrastructure management, end-user support, and mobile solutions. You can rest assured that your system is not only safe but optimized to its full potential.

Percento Technologies’ IT Infrastructure Services and Solutions

IT Server Management

Modern businesses highly depend on servers for everyday operations, such as resource distribution, data storage, email exchange, control network access, or complex tasks and calculations, etc. Even with cloud technologies, many companies prefer in-house servers that require constant monitoring and management. Our team constantly monitors your server’s status and uptime to stay on top of security, hardware, software, and backups.

Network Security Management

Our network security team will work with your IT department to understand your IT infrastructure, its current Cybersecurity protocols, and system vulnerability. Using this data, we devise a network security plan and provide the hardware and software installation, configuration, and regular updates to protect your system against modern Cybersecurity threats. Our monitoring team works round the clock and can address any problems related to web content filtering, firewall inspections, two-factor authentication, and different types of spyware, Trojans, and phishing emails.

Database Management

The experienced IT professionals at Percento Technologies have extensive knowledge of MySQL, Oracle, and other solutions. We effectively regulate database server environments using the best industry practices to ensure smooth access and high performance. Our activities include server tuning, user creation and restoration, patches and backup, and constant monitoring of hard disk, RAM, and CPU.

IT Integration

The business world is rapidly evolving thanks to constant technological advancements, especially in the IT sector. As a result, businesses have to adapt to new hardware, software, and practices to keep up with the times. Percento Technologies can adjust your IT infrastructure according to your requirements. We start by analyzing your current infrastructure and follow by procuring the appropriate hardware and software during the implementation phase. With our IT integration services, you can launch new systems, upgrade your old ones, and even migrate them from one location to another.

End-User Computing

In the digital era, end-user computing solutions are commonplace. However, not all solutions are compatible with your IT infrastructure. Our team carefully selects, aligns, and integrates these technologies with your existing IT environment to optimize your desktops, virtual devices, and end-user applications.

Digital Transformation Management

Millions of businesses are digitally transforming themselves to cope with the demands of modern consumers. Our team ensures that your team transitions smoothly throughout the process by managing all your digital assets. This way, you have a strong partner working behind the scenes to ensure that your IT infrastructure is not only enhanced but remains functional during the transformation.

Why Choose Percento Technologies?


IT Infrastructure Expertise

Our team of IT professionals and engineers has years of experience under their belt. They can leverage the latest tools and technologies to optimize your IT infrastructure according to your needs. Let us know what you need, and we’ll find the perfect solution for you. We can also recommend and deploy new infrastructure to reduce time and effort so you can reap the benefits quicker.

Immense Capabilities

As you may have noticed, Percento Technologies is quite a versatile IT solutions provider. By opting for our IT infrastructure services, you’ll have various solutions to choose from, including hybrid cloud, network security, device and server management, and more. Over the years, we have earned a solid reputation of being an industry leader, thanks to our solid partnerships and competent team.

Single Stop Solution

By opting for our service, you minimize all system inefficiencies when trying to optimize your IT infrastructure. We offer an all-in-one solution to take care of all your IT needs so you have a single point of contact.

24/7 Support

Modern businesses do not sleep. Our services are available round the clock for your disposal, so feel free to reach out to us from any location or any timezone. We’ll be here to answer all your queries and let you know how our services can improve your IT infrastructure.

Contact Us

If you’re planning to equip your IT infrastructure with the latest tools and technologies, we recommend getting in touch with Percento Technologies right away and share your requirements.