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Simplified Cloud Migration Solutions to Digitally Transform Your Business

Are you running a small business or a large enterprise? Is your company still using on-premise storage and network platforms? If yes, it’s time to digitally transform your traditional infrastructure and transition to the cloud to keep up with the modern business landscape. Millions of businesses worldwide have accelerated cloud adoption to secure their data and facilitate agility, flexibility, and scalability.

Cloud Migration is not too different from an office relocation. Instead of shifting your IT infrastructure to a new physical location, you simply migrate your data, resources, and applications to the cloud.

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However, to successfully undergo cloud migration, you need the right tools and personnel. Percento Technologies has the latest tools and a team of highly-trained and experienced cloud practitioners who can help you transition to the cloud with proper guidelines and a roadmap. We will help you navigate the complexities to determine the right cloud strategy for your IT environment while minimizing physical resource requirements and expenditures. Our cloud migration services start with an in-depth analysis of your IT infrastructure, company’s objectives, and operating model. We combine our findings with the latest industry standards and technology insights to execute seamless cloud migration in a secure, agile, and cost-effective manner.

Cloud Migration in 7 Simple Steps


Our team starts the process by documenting your reasons for cloud migration and evaluate feasibility based on your available resources. We try to ensure that we are on the same page with our clients at all times.

Infrastructure Audit

Next, we perform a complete audit of your IT infrastructure to assess its capabilities and compare it to the industry standard, in terms of automation, agility, security, scalability, recovery, etc. This is followed by a cloud readiness assessment and development of a migration plan based on your current workloads, server configurations, and available hardware.

Architecture Design

After devising an IT roadmap for your cloud migration project, we gather all resources to create a supporting cloud architecture for your data, applications, and digital assets.

Integration and Automation

Once we have the new database and applications ready, we integrate your systems with a proven cloud platform to centralize access and optimize data agility. Automation is also an integral part of cloud migration as it accelerates the deployment and boosts efficiency.

Cloud Deployment and Testing

Next, our team deploys your new IT environment and tests its performance, in terms of scalability and functionality.


After the tests, our team makes the relevant adjustments to optimize the new environment and prepare for the switch over and transition.


Once the migration is complete, we train your team regarding operations, maintenance, and best practices. During the transition period, our team also monitors and resolves and issues, such as data cleanup, deduplication, and errors.

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Percento Technologies’ Cloud Migration Services

Infrastructure Migration

Infrastructure migration involves shifting all your data and applications from an on-premises storage system to a cloud infrastructure. While all cloud migration projects feature many moving parts and resources, this is the most complex transition as it involves a complete overhaul of the existing IT environment.

Database Migration

Many organizations are choosing to simply move their on-premises databases to the cloud for scalability and flexibility. Before we move your database, we assess your current data environment to determine feasibility and compatibility. Using our in-depth analysis, we select the proper migration tools to transform and normalize data. We conclude the process by deploying a proof of concept for your team, cleanse and reclassify data, and migrate your access privileges and security settings.

Platform Migration

For companies looking to update or consolidate their server and storage infrastructure, our Platform Migration services can effectively transform your data-intensive applications from one cloud to another. We can help determine your existing system’s capability, data models, restrictions, and conversion formats. Thus, this requires a higher level of expertise and sophistication, especially when it comes to managing data security.

Application Migration

VMware is one of the most innovative business technology solutions in the last decade. Essentially, it helps organizations create a virtual representation of their IT infrastructure, including servers, applications, networks, and storage. Our team can help assess your IT environment and implement a new virtual machine to increase your IT agility and scalability, automate several operations, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Benefits of Cloud Migration

Benefits of Cloud

Accelerated Deployment

Software and application deployment becomes faster and easier to manage as teams no longer have to set up or integrate with on-premises servers and databases.

Enhanced Network Security

Recently, network security was a major disadvantage of cloud solutions. Percento Technologies employs the latest cybersecurity tools and practices to ensure that your cloud migration process is well protected from threats and vulnerabilities.

Simplified IT Infrastructure

By opting for cloud solutions, you reduce the complexities of your on-premises IT environment. With limited servers, networks, and hardware, you can minimize hardware expenditure and maintenance time as well.

24/7 Operations

Our team is available round the clock to assist you in every type or stage of your cloud migration. We can help you in several areas, such as cloud framework creation, internal network assessment, application installation, and cloud adoption training, etc.

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Percento Technologies provides world-class strategic IT project design and management consulting services. We devise personalized strategic plans by learning about our clients’ organizations and business goals. If you’d like to learn more about our IT projects, infrastructure planning, and migration services, we recommend getting in touch with us right away.