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Optimize Your Cloud Ecosystem with Microsoft 365

A lot has changed since the industrial revolution in terms of business practices and tools. However, one thing remains certain – Technology will never stop evolving and businesses must continuously keep up to survive and grow.

Today, most modern organizations are steadfast in using cloud technology for conducting daily operations to achieve the desired productivity and efficiency levels. Having access to productivity tools from anywhere makes them more agile, which, in return, makes them more competitive in their respective industries.

cloud server IT technology

Microsoft 365 is currently the most trending solution available in the market. The productivity suite offers industry-renowned tools like Word, SharePoint, Excel, Access, and others. The only difference is that, unlike their desktop counterparts, these applications can be accessed from anywhere and on any device as long as their users have an internet connection. However, not every Microsoft solution is one-shoe-fits-all, so you need experts to understand your needs and goals to create solutions according to your performance requirements, expertise, and budget. This is where Percento Technologies comes in to guide you through everything you need to adopt this game-changing solution, from cloud migrations to SaaS integrations and process automation. We will help you implement flexible solutions to ensure secure, scalable, and agile operations.

Why Switch to Microsoft 365

Easy to Use

Office 365 is designed with seamless functionality, which makes it incredibly easy to learn. Plus, many essential applications like Word and Excel are tools that most professionals have used in their lives.

Subscription-Based Model

With Microsoft 365, you only pay for the applications you use, on a cost per user, per month basis.

Cloud-Based Technology

It helps reduce your IT expenditure (hardware and software) as it doesn’t rely on your existing infrastructure to run. Instead, it only requires a device, like a laptop or a computer, with an internet connection.

Safe & Secure

When you opt for Microsoft 365, you’re also outsourcing network security for round-the-clock protection for your data and digital assets.

Our Microsoft 365 Consulting & Migration Services

Microsoft 365 Plan and Migration

Microsoft 365 is a versatile platform with many applications and features, some of which might be irrelevant for your business. We will meet with your managers and teams to determine the right mix of applications tailored specifically for your organization. If you’re looking to migrate your data and applications to the cloud, we can help you take full advantage of this gem of a solution from Microsoft.

Content Management & Collaboration

Let us make storing, sharing, and content management easier than ever. Microsoft 365 provides a built-in content management platform called SharePoint Online. With this tool, you can collaborate more effectively with your teams and enhance productivity through real-time planning and implementation.

Data Storage Management

When it comes to cloud-based storage management, OneDrive is second to no application in the market. This intelligent solution allows users to create files in the cloud while enabling permission-based access. This way, you can create, store, and exchange documents and files more securely on any device with save-offline capability.

Business Process Automation

Let us manage your business processes while you focus on your core business activities. By opting for our Microsoft 365 consulting & migration services, you can save time and boost productivity with simple and secure workflow automation.

Accessibility Management

Our team of Microsoft-certified professionals will get the right content to the right people with 24/7 accessibility management. The platform also ensures that network security isn’t a concern as Microsoft offers the latest Cybersecurity tools, such as active threat management, multi-factor authentication, and Single Sign-On identity management. Our Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS) provide regulatory compliance along with real-time password sync capabilities.

Project Management

Microsoft 365 is more than a productivity suite with multiple applications. It also offers solutions for project management, such as Microsoft Planner, Microsoft Teams, and MS Project Online. We can help your team get the best out of these solutions.

Communications Management

One of the main reasons thousands of businesses are switching to Microsoft 365 is its cloud-based phone system which allows users to migrate communication from Skype and other platforms to Microsoft Teams with Direct Routing, PBX, and PSTN. Discuss your communication needs with us, and we’ll offer the best solutions available.

Why Choose Us?

cloud server IT technology

As a US-based tech company, we provide a one-stop solution for managing all your vendors and applications. We’ve helped hundreds adopt cloud technologies and enable work from anywhere business models using Microsoft 365.

Here’s what sets us apart from the rest:

  • World-class Expertise
  • Proven Industry Experience
  • 24/7/365 Availability for Technical Support
  • Early Adopters of Cloud Technology
  • Always Up-to-Date in Terms of Features and Services
  • Exclusive Microsoft Partners

Contact Us and Get Started Now!

Microsoft 365 has been a game-changing solution for businesses, especially in the new normal. For many, it is the stepping-stone solution into the world of the cloud, which is why you must have the right team of experts to guide you on your journey. Undoubtedly, there are hundreds of solution providers in the market that help you get started with the platform. However, only a few can offer solutions tailored specifically to your organization. So, feel free to reach out to us regarding our Microsoft 365 consulting & migration services.