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Does your company have an IT roadmap? Are you technologically well-equipped to boost your business forward in the digital era? Unfortunately, many small businesses and organizations still undervalue the importance of mapping out the technology they’re using at their workplace.

IT road mapping is a process that essentially involves creating a standard architecture that helps businesses develop and integrate a strategic-level plan for future technology processes, such as cloud and email migration, IT infrastructure overhaul, or network security optimization, etc.

IT Roadmapping

With an IT roadmap, you can understand if your current infrastructure’s capabilities and whether it can support future initiatives. It shows you an overview of your overall business and when and what new technological advancements will be initiated.

PercentoTechnologies ensures you have the right people, processes, and technology to unlock your business’s full potential to improve overall efficiency and drive better value. Our team of IT experts, engineers, and cloud specialists are unbiased and objective, so our job does not start and end with the tactical aspects of your IT environment. Instead, we focus on your overall business goals, objectives, and strategy to help you understand what you can achieve with proper IT road mappings, such as effective internal communication, performance optimization, and reduced expenditures.

Percento Technologies IT Roadmapping Services

As technology and workplaces continue to evolve, Percento Technologies breaks down the IT Roadmapping framework into three essential parts. This way, businesses have a better opportunity to transition through digital transformation and effectively get through unpredictable challenges.


  • IT Strategy Overview & Alignment
    Your company’s IT strategy is an essential part of your overall business strategy. The first step in creating a sustainable IT Roadmap is to effectively align your technology and processes with business goals and objectives. Our team of experts studies your business processes and how your workplace uses technology. This helps business leaders understand what is happening in their business from an IT perspective so they can request new changes or improve their infrastructure strategically.
  • Governance and New Benchmarks Establishment
    Many modern businesses struggle to manage their IT demands and resources. Percento Technologies can help you improve your overall architectural control and set new benchmarks for total cost ownership, shadow IT systems, and financials.


  • IT Operational Planning
    Our team of IT experts has worked with in-house IT teams and employees from several industries. An essential part of our IT Roadmapping services is enhancing your organizational IT structure. We aim to boost your business operations by training your staff with the relevant skills and practices to make better decisions using the technology at their disposal. This way, everyone in your organization is on the same page at all times.
  • Network Security & Compliance
    No IT infrastructure is immune to cybersecurity threats. As one of the leading network security services in the country, we check for system vulnerabilities and evaluate overall risk. With this information, we upgrade your security protocols and further train your staff regarding the best practices.
  • IT Project Design and Management
    One of the main reasons why businesses fail to digitally transform is the lack of time or personnel to plan, execute, and manage in-house IT projects, such as cloud migration, Cybersecurity upgrades, or infrastructure overhauls. Our team can help devise a sustainable IT roadmap that can streamline all current and future presents and even take full control of them while your in-house team runs day-to-day operations.


  • Application Development
    Percento Technologies specializes in web and application development for businesses. Our experienced software engineers build stunning websites and applications from the ground up to offer customized solutions with tailored features specific to your needs while ensuring scalability and flexibility.
  • Data Strategy and Information Management
    Modern businesses understand the value of data in the digital era. With our IT Roadmapping services, you effectively optimize and manage your databases and use your digital assets to their full potential. Our team evaluates your current data assets, strengths, and vulnerabilities in light of what you want to achieve so that we can collaborate with your team and devise an effective plan to utilize your data.
  • IT Infrastructure Management
    For businesses that lack an in-house IT team or experienced professionals, managing a complex technology environment can be a daunting task. By opting for Percento Technologies, you get a highly-trained team of professionals who can effectively manage your IT infrastructure, from your workstations to servers, peripherals, and other equipment. Our solutions also include security monitoring and disaster recovery. This way, you can avoid facing myriad challenges yourself and have always had on-demand IT intervention at your disposal to adapt to constant change.
  • Communications
    At its core, an IT Roadmap is a communication tool created to visually align your entire business into one powerful strategy. One of the best ways to improve that roadmap is to employ an omnichannel approach for internal and external communication, whether you’re managing a remote workforce, or working in-house.

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Percento Technologies is now one of the leading IT Roadmapping and Consulting services in the country. We aim to eliminate all IT-related challenges by visually aligning your business and technology strategy to ensure everyone is on the same page at all times. So, feel free to get in touch with us so we can regarding your needs, and we will offer you the most cost-effective IT solutions in the market.