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Effectively dealing with the increasing volumes of cyber-attacks is becoming the top priority for businesses operating in the digital era. As technology rapidly evolves, hackers and cybercriminals look for new weaknesses to exploit. A single security breach in the modern age could potentially spell out the end of your business or at the very least, cost you a fortune to manage.

Modern hackers and cyber-criminals are advancing in terms of technology, sophistication, scope, and strategy.

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As a result, simple network security solutions, such as antiviruses, virtual private networks, and firewalls won’t cut it. With the ins and outs of technology and security becoming more complex, understanding and proactively implementing advanced cybersecurity solutions is mandatory to protect your IT infrastructure from modern threats.


Ransomware or malware is malicious software hackers use to encrypt and lock files on your computer or server so you cannot access them. The attacker then demands a ransom for the important files.


Phishing involves cybercriminals using other identities to lure people into providing confidential information, such as passwords or payment information via email, text, or phone.

Denial of Service (DoS Attack)

Some hackers try to overburden or shut down your servers using access traffic, thus preventing your team or others from using it.

Natural Disasters

At any given time, your data can be compromised by natural disasters or hazards.


Spyware logs your internet history, passwords, and other confidential information through software planted on your computer.

Percento Technologies Cybersecurity Services

Percento Technologies is a renowned cybersecurity service provider offering a host of Managed IT Solutions that can help you optimize and secure your IT infrastructure and data from viruses, hacks, and all other threats. Our experienced team of IT professionals and engineers will offer their expertise in assessing, adjusting, and governing your IT environment. Following a quick audit of your current network security tools and practices, we’ll recommend different software and hardware solutions that perfectly fit your system needs and business strategy.

Security Awareness Training & Education

As cybersecurity experts, our priority is to reveal your organization’s strengths and weaknesses in terms of network security. We train your employees regarding threat identification and share the latest practices that can adapt to boost security. This way, we ensure that your team thrives to always stay one step ahead of the attackers.

Threat Detection & Elimination

Our team of cybersecurity experts will develop a real-time threat detection system using AI-ML algorithms with instant alerts, identification, and automatic counteraction. Our solutions also include data log and vulnerability management and firewall protection for on-site, cloud, and hybrid IT infrastructures.

Network Security Assessment & Monitoring

We actively monitor all your applications, users, servers, and networks round the clock with real-time data logging and alerting. Our solutions are scalable, meaning they can evolve according to your IT environment while seamlessly detecting cyber threats.

Incident Response & Reporting

In case of a security breach or incident, our team uses a data-driven approach to diagnose the threat and get a complete picture of what’s happening in your system. Using this information, we can anticipate the threat’s impact on your targeted assets, mitigate the damage, and collaborate with your in-house team to get your data and systems back to their original state.

Proactive Threat Management

With active data collection from your IT environment, we keep an eye out for vulnerabilities and potential threats. Our cybersecurity team not only employs the best tools and technologies to protect your system but also keeps learning about new threat developments from IT news, articles, social media, the dark web, and other intelligence platforms. As we learn about new threats, we simulate their impact and test our abilities to counter them efficiently.

Software & Hardware Maintenance

We believe that cybersecurity begins with the proper hardware. Many modern attacks occur due to compromised chips, microprocessors, or microelectronics, which is why we proactively maintain all workstations, peripherals, and network servers to ensure undisrupted performance. Our team also ensures that your company adheres to key industry cybersecurity standards, such as GDPR, ISO 27001, NIST, and HIPAA, and all your digital certificates, encryption, and hashing are up-to-date.

Why Choose Percento Technologies?

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24/7 Threat Detection

At Percento Technologies, we believe that hackers have no operating hours so neither do we. Our services are available round the clock to ensure your system is actively monitored and protected.

On-Demand Expertise

With our service, you get on-demand expertise regarding the latest network security tools and practices using that you can optimize system performance while minimizing cost. With a unified system, you can actively monitor and analyze trends, user behavior, and data from a single source.

Real-Time Reporting

With AI-based monitoring systems running non-stop, we can identify, diagnose, and remediate security threats using real-time reports. With our sophisticated tools, you’d be alerted before a hacker even thinks of trespassing your firewalls.

A Team of Specialists

By hiring Percento Technologies, you get a team of cybersecurity specialists with years of experience under their belt. Not only are they well-versed with the latest policies, compliances, and practices, but they also pack the latest tools and equipment necessary to secure even the most complex IT environments.

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Regardless of your business scale or type, you are putting your data and IT environment in danger by sticking with conventional or basic security tools and practices. Cybercriminals won’t hesitate to get hold of your valuable data and disrupt your operations.

So get in touch with Percento Technologies right away and briefly share your cybersecurity requirements so our team can visit you and evaluate your systems.