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5 Great Corporate Christmas Gifts

December 23, 2017 by Bobby J Davidson
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Corporate Christmas Gifts Want to show your employees, the executives at your company or your clients how much you value them? If yes, the one of the best ways to do that is giving them corporate gifts this Christmas. They will surely appreciate this gesture from you. Unique corporate gifts are a great way to delight your employees, executives and/or clients and show them how much they’re valued. Here are 5 corporate gifts to give your valued employees or clients this Christmas!

A cost-effective way to strengthen your relationship with your employees and your clients, corporate gifts are something you should think about this Christmas. Not only will this help you to build profitable and lasting relationships, it will also help you get tax relief as IRS allows a tax deduction of $25 for every business gift given to a person by a business. Corporate Christmas gifts are a valuable investment for your business as they help increase your business sales and customer loyalty. Before we reveal the top 5 corporate gifts to give this Christmas, here are some tips to create a strategy for giving gifts to your employees and/or clients.

Use a Calendar to Kick Things Off

To identify appropriate opportunities for giving Christmas gifts, have a look at your upcoming work schedule calendar. The Christmas day is an obvious choice here. However, you may want to look at the company calendar and find a suitable time before Christmas day to give gifts to employees or clients as this will make them feel motivated to work or buy in the days leading to Christmas.

Take Advice from Management

To encourage employee motivation and increase productivity and retention, consider taking advice from the management regarding the gifts to give employees or clients. Ask management about this at the conclusion of a weekly meeting held before Christmas. This will not only encourage the management to work harder for your company, but will also provide you with valuable advice regarding the corporate Christmas gifts.

Evaluate Your Relationship with Clients

If you want to benefit your bottom line, then strengthen your relationships with your clients. You will be able to stay at the forefront of the business decisions of your clients—helping improve their sentiment for your company, if you give them corporate gifts and there is no better time to do that than Christmas. When you evaluate your relationship with your clients, don’t just think about the gifts to give them on Christmas, think about how often you should be gifting them as well. This is important for strengthening your relationships with the client and growing your business.

Set a Feasible Budget for Gifts

While gifting your clients and employees on Christmas is important, don’t overburden your finances by giving corporate gifts that you cannot afford. As you probably know that retaining an existing employee makes much more financial sense than recruiting a new hire when you consider the cost of recruitment, on-boarding and job training. You can use this same theory to create a budget for corporate gifts to give your clients and employees this Christmas.

By doing the above, you can ensure increased employee/customer loyalty while keeping your business finances in check. A good thing to do here would be allocating the budget for gifts based on how valuable the customers and employees are to you.  Buy the most expensive gifts for the most valued customers/employees and then repeat the cycle until you’ve covered the least valued employee/client. This way you will gift all your employees/clients this Christmas without burning your business finances.

Consider the Response You Got Last Christmas

Before you give your employees and client gifts this Christmas, consider the response you received for the same last Christmas. By doing this, you will get a good idea of the gifts to give each employee/client this Christmas, which in turn will help you to satisfy your clients/employees, retain them, increase loyalty and grow your company. Also, this will allow you to determine the excitement corporate gifts generate on Christmas.

Now that we’ve covered the ways to create a strategy for giving gifts to your employees and/or clients, let’s look at the 5 great corporate Christmas gifts.

A Statement Pouch

This is a gift that the ladies will love. Though it is small in size, the pouch has hold all the essentials such as chargers, makeup and receipts. If you want to delight your female employees or clients, then consider giving them this corporate gift.

A Calming Candle

This is a gift that your employees or clients can light up at their home or their workplace. A candle to relax to mind and unwind, a calming candle has a scent that can make life a bliss for days.

Business Card Stands

This isn’t the most expensive gift in the world but is definitely useful. A business card stand is something your employees and clients can use to store/hold their business cards. Also, if the business card stand you give as a gift has an attractive design, then it can be a chic way of displaying business cards.

A Discreet Desk Humidifier

Anyone who has ever worked in an office will validate the fact that it can get hot and humid around the work desk. The good news is that a discreet desk humidifier can help relieve this problem. A discreet desk humidifier ensures that the office’s central heating does not affect the temperature around a person’s work desk.

Sophisticated Infuser Mug

A mug pleasing on the eyes, the sophisticated infuser mug ensures that coffee addicts never miss never miss their daily mid-morning dose of caffeine. This is a great corporate gift to give anyone this Christmas.

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