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Is Fiber-Based Internet and Communications More Effective in Today’s Information Age?

February 9, 2020 by Bobby J Davidson
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Fiber-Based Internet

In fiber-based internet, data is carried through fiber optics instead of the conventional cables. Fiber optics involves the use of thin lightweight strands of glass or fiber that transport information through modulated light. These strands are as thin as human hair and can carry digital information over unimaginably long distances.

Since fiber optics are not as commonly used as conventional cables, installing the fiber-optic internet is usually a more intrusive process and takes a bit longer than cable internet to install. For installing fiber-based internet, you would usually need a professional. However, some providers might offer you a self-installation option.

Why has fiber-based internet gained too much popularity in the past few years? Here are some common reasons that make fiber optic internet and communication more effective in today’s information age.


Cable-based internet is usually considered reliable. However, if you live in or have a business in an area that experiences frequent cable interruptions and outages, you might as well have experienced unreliable internet connectivity in such cases. If your business majorly relies on the internet to operate, then you should consider having a backup internet option to make sure it does not suffer.

Fiber optics internet is also generally considered as a reliable as cable-based internet. However, the area where it stands at an advantage is that it does not require power to be applied within the system network for it to work. This makes fiber optics a better option as during power outages, the fiber optic network does not go down or face interruptions.

Another reason that it does not face interruptions is that the medium of transfer is purely glass and it does not require electricity. Therefore, the fiber optics are not affected by nearby cables carrying high voltages. This also protects you at an additional level by protecting your PC from damage due to lightning.


Fiber internet is usually faster than the cable-based internet. Companies do not have to go through the hassle of slow internet speeds during the periods of increased traffic. It provides high internet speeds which means your employees would be more satisfied and would be able to deliver their work without interruptions.

While fiber-based internet is usually not unlimited, its bandwidth capacity is usually higher as compared to the cable internet. Low bandwidth would mean lower speeds and possible delays. Slower downloads, slower media streaming, and slow rendering of pages are all problems caused due to lower bandwidths. People looking to overcome these issues definitely need to start using fiber-based internet.


Hacking and information theft is a major threat in the cyberspace today. With the conventional cable-based internet connections, cable tapping, and signal interception can be easily done to gain access to the information traveling through them.

On the other hand, intercepting signals traveling through a fiber optic cable is quite difficult. Also, in case the fiber optics are tapped, it is easy to identify the hacked cables due to the visible light transmissions.

Benefits of Choosing Fiber-Based Internet for Businesses

The internet is changing our everyday life from the way we communicate to the way we conduct business. In today’s world, staying connected at all times is a necessity rather than an option. This applies to both individuals and businesses.  There has never been a greater need for fast, reliable internet service that we can depend on. A service that fits the bill perfectly is fiber internet.

Today, fiber internet is easily available to both individuals and businesses. For businesses, having a high-speed fiber internet connection at the workplace is a no-brainer. Fiber internet is a worthy investment due to the time and money that it’ll save in the long run. Fiber internet delivers much faster downloads than broadband with speeds up to 1 Gigabit per second.

Fiber internet cables send information using optical, or light-based technology, allowing you to connect hundreds of devices to your internet at once without disruption. Following are 5 benefits of choosing fiber-based internet for your business.

1.      High-Speed Internet

Not only is a slow-internet connection frustrating, but it also adds to your costs over time. In addition to preventing employees from getting work done on time, a slow-internet internet network frustrates customers as they have to deal with slow response times or lag time on webpages. With speed up to 1Gbps, high-speed fiber internet can eliminate these issues, this increasing productivity as well as employee and customer satisfaction.

2.      More Bandwidth

Your network will become slower as more people and devices are added to it. This concept refers to bandwidth. If bandwidth is unaccounted for, it can dramatically slow a network and decrease productivity.  Put simply, the more applications and devices you have, the more bandwidth you require. Fiber internet can resolve the bandwidth problem as it is built to support more computers at higher speeds, as well as devices like smartphones and tablets as well.

3.      Increased Quality

If you stream a lot of videos or rely on video conferencing a lot, then you should really get a fiber internet connection. A huge amount of bandwidth is required for video-conferencing and streaming videos. By providing the required bandwidth, fiber internet improves the quality of video-conferencing and streaming. This can be invaluable for businesses with employees who communicate mostly through tools such as Skype and Google hangouts.

4.      Signal Strength

When traveling over long distances, copper cabling can lose its signal. On the other hand, there is little signal loss in fiber internet cables. According to one study, compared to 94% of its original strength lost by copper cabling over 100 meters, fiber loses only 3% of its strength over the same distance.

5.      Support for Migration to the Cloud

Today, an increasing number of businesses are migrating to the cloud. If you’re one of them, then you’ll need a fast, reliable connection to ensure a smooth transition to cloud services. A connection that you can blindly trust for this purpose is fiber internet. Everything in the cloud depends on your internet connection and the faster you can access information, the faster you can get work done. For this reason, choosing fiber internet for migrating to the cloud is a no-brainer. These are all the reasons fiber-based internet is a great choice for businesses today. To get more information on fiber-based internet and how it can help your business, get in touch with us today!


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