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Gadget-Bag Pairings: How Cool Are They?

November 21, 2017 by Bobby J Davidson
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Gadget BagsStill carry around your laptop or other gadgets in a briefcase? If yes, then you need to wake up from your deep slumber, smell the coffee and say hello to 2017 way of carrying gadgets. Stop living in the 1990s and consider these gadget-bag pairings for carrying around your laptops and some other gadgets!

Sorry to say this but you’re stuck in ancient times if you still use those ugly, black briefcase type tech bags for carrying around your laptop or other gadgets. Today, our lifestyles are such that we ‘have’ to carry around our stuff including our gadgets with us everywhere we may go. The good news is that today there are gadget-bags made specifically for this purpose.

The popularity of gadget bags is increasing each day. The reason for this simple—compared to a briefcase or a hand, a gadget bag is more convenient and can pack more stuff in it. Not only that, there are some multi-purpose gadget bag that can be used for both carrying around stuff and keeping your devices charged. If that isn’t enough for you, then you may want to consider the aesthetic appeal of these bags.

High-end luggage, gadget bags are incredibly hip and they are sure to win you a glance or two from passerbys. So, if not for their utility, consider the following gadget bags for their awe-inspiring looks. We’re sure that you will buy at least one of these for your use.

Knomo Audley

A gadget bag that looks somewhat like a book a modern day female doctor would carry, Knomo Audley is a vintage bag that pairs well with Asus ZenBook 3 Deluxe, a lightweight and visually appealing bag. Big enough to carry all the necessities, this gadget bag pairing has a sleek design, with the fabric-lined interior of the leather complementing the navy-blue color. Moreover, the notebook slides into the built-in laptop pocket of the Audley bag with ease thanks to its thin design.

The Geo Bag

A bag that looks similar to the iconic quilted purses of Chanel, the MightyPurse Geo bag comes with a built-in sky charger. Priced at $179, the bag is compact yet spacious enough to fit the Huawei MediaPad 8, the Android’s version of the iPad Mini. To allow it to charge most Apple and Android devices, the geo gadget bag pairing is equipped with iPhone lightning connector and Micro-USB adapters. Other accessories that come with the bag includes a shoulder strap, which increases the portability of the bag.

Powerbag by Ful

A product of Ful, the Powerbag eliminates the need to carry around chargers and electrical adapters. Now, you can leave the additional wiring that comes with your gadgets at home because the built-in power system of the Powerbag will charge all your devices. Equipped with a 3000 Mah battery, the Powerbag can power two smart phones after one full charge.

In addition to smart phones, the bag can also charge laptops, tablets and other portable electronic devices. The pockets of the bag are equipped with M2 and Apple connectors with micro and mini USBs. Additionally, they come with a big internal USB port that you can use to charge just about everything you carry with you. The bag has only one con—it weighs more than four pounds, making it heavy to carry.

SkinnyDip Candy Fur

Do electronics in a millennial pink hade make you jump in excitement? If yes, then the Skinnydip Candy Fur bag is the perfect fit for you. Arguably the best gadget-pairing on our list, the Candy Fur bag is paired with the pick thirteen-inch MacBook. Featuring a metallic back that complements the laptop, the laptop sleeve comes in twelve, thirteen and fifteen inch sizes.

Skits Oxford Genius

Are you a frequent flyer? If yes, then the Skits Oxford Genius will help you to pack efficiently and avoid waiting long in security lines. This gadget-bag pairing is the perfect way to organize your gadgets for travel. Flip open the bag, and place your chargers, adapters and cables in a neat and tidy manner in its clear pockets. But, that isn’t the only thing the bag is good for. This bag removes the hassle of carrying a bag with you on your travels. Simply place the Kindle Voyage e-reader in the big right pocket of the Skit case and carry your book easily with you everywhere you go.

PacSafe Backpack

Though it is big and made for security purpose, the PacSafe backpack looks incredibly hip. Priced at $129, the bag is made of lightweight material and features a classy mauve exterior, stylish gold accents, thin padded straps, and a big bubblegum pink interior. A bag for the lady, the PacSafe backpack is unsurprisingly spacious and its grab handles ensure great portability.

This gadget bag is paired with the Samsung Notebook 9. A high-end laptop, the Samsung Notebook 9 won’t hamper your style or weigh down the bag inside its built-in laptop sleeve. Not to forget is the anti-theft technology of the bag. To disarm pickpockets, the bag is equipped with interlocking zipper pullers that come with security clips. Additionally, to discourage people from trying to cut open the bag to steal the laptop, the bag is made of material that features hidden stainless-steel wire mesh.

There are Many More Gadget-Bag Pairings for You to Try

Find the aforementioned-gadget bag pairings cool? If yes, the be glad that these aren’t the only gadget-bag pairings out there. There are many more gadget-bag pairings for you to try and you can find out about them by getting in touch with us, today.

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