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Review: Google’s PixelBook Chromebook

November 6, 2017 by Bobby J Davidson
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Google’s PixelBook Chromebook During its early years, many people were skeptic of the Chromebook. At the time, no one would have imagined, let alone predicted, that Chromebook would be competing with some of the biggest brands out there. But, Google’s Chromebook was always destined to succeed. Even though they had limited functionality, and were heavily reliant on a constant internet connection, the earliest models of the Chromebook managed to strike a chord with schools. Today, Chromebook’s share in American schools is a staggering 58%, a share that Google hopes that PixelBook Chromebook—its latest Chromebook— will increase.

Generally, Chromebooks are thought of as cheaper alternatives to Windows and Mac. But Google hasn’t warmed up to that idea for as long as it has been manufacturing its own Chromebooks. In fact, it has gone a step further and rebelled against the principle. The Pixel Chromebook, the latest Chromebook offering by Google, is far from affordable.

Starting at $999, the all-new Pixel Chromebook would be out of most people’s budget. But, you shouldn’t give up the idea of buying Google’s PixelBook Chromebook so quickly. Instead, consider the features of PixelBook Chromebook before deciding whether or not you should spend ‘over the top’ for the latest Chromebook offering by Google.

Is Google’s New PixelBook Chromebook Worth $999?

For long, Chromebooks have been seen as cheap laptop alternatives but Google’s new PixelBook Chromebook aims to change that. Ranging between $250 and $400, the Chromebook offerings by Google to date have won many plaudits. They’re considered as easy-to-use, efficient and secure laptops that are ideal for educational institutes. But, Google was never going to be satisfied with this. Hoping to give the likes of Windows and Mac a good run for their money, Google has launched a completely modified version of its 2015 Chromebook. Prized at $999, PixelBook Chromebook is the latest Chromebook offering by Google.

Compared to the 2015 offering by Google, the new PixelBook Chromebook has a much more refined design. Featuring a comfortable palm rest made of rubber, the PixelBook Chromebook has a fully aluminum frame. The Chromebook has a 2 in 1 design. This means that it can be stood up for streaming shows or flipped around to convert into a tablet. The Chromebook is quite slim as it has a thickness of just 10.3 mm. Additionally it weighs only 2.4 pounds, making it extremely thin, lightweight and great for carrying around.

Having a squarer look than its predecessors, the PixelBook Chromebook has a slightly unusual 12.3-inch screen. But, this shouldn’t concern you too much. So, what else does Google’s new Chromebook boast? Following are some of the best features of the PixelBook that’ll make you Google ‘Where to buy PixelBook Chromebook from’.

The Super Responsive and Firm Keyboard

One of PixelBook’s nicest elements, the keyboard is firm and super responsive. Compared to the new MacBook Pros, the PixelBook offers a more comfortable typing experience. Unlike the former’s keyboard, the keyboard on Google’s PixelBook Chromebook does not feel hard in the fingers. Soft to touch, PixelBook’s keyboard makes it incredibly easy for you to press any key you want.

An Impressive Glass Trackpad

Superb to say the least, the glass trackpad of Google’s PixelBook would beat the trackpads on most Windows 10 laptops anywhere and on any given day. Having an uncanny resemblance to the trackpads of Apple’s MacBook laptops, Pixelbook’s trackpad is relatively small in size, making it somewhat unique.

The Vibrant Touchscreen

Want a HD experience when viewing websites or videos? If yes, the get Google’s PixelBook Chromebook right away. A 12.3-inch quad high definition 1600p display, PixelBook’s touchscreen offers appreciable contrast between dark and light areas and is always beaming with vibrant colors, making it the ideal touchscreen for viewing flash based websites and high definition videos.

Great Battery Life

The PixelBook Chromebook charges faster than most other laptops and has a better battery life than them. Just a fifteen-minute charge will keep the PixelBook up and running for up to two hours. Isn’t that great?

Laptop Assistance

With the launch of the PixelBook Chromebook, Google has made an intelligent personal assistant available to laptop users. Much more than a voice-only AI, the assistant that comes with the PixelBook can be accessed in three different ways including pressing on the PixelBook pen while moving it on a part of an image or text, saying ‘Ok Google’ or holding down the key devoted for this purpose.

The functions performed by the Assistant are similar to those performed by Siri or Cortana. Nevertheless, it is a great addition to the Chromebook that has the potential to take the ‘laptop experience’ to a whole new level.

A Suite of AppsGoogle Chromebook

You’re used to installing apps to your smartphone or tablet, but have you considered doing the same on your laptop? If not, then Google’s PixelBook will cause you to think about it at the very least. The latest Chromebook offering by Google hosts a multitude of OS and Android apps. A number of Android apps have been integrated into the PixelBook by Google. Some of the notable apps includes Instagram and Snapchat. Whether you like downloading apps or not, you will surely appreciate having a number of apps available to you on the PixelBook Chromebook.

So, What Have You Decided?

We’ve revealed the best features of the Google’s PixelBook Chromebook and it is time for you to make a decision: Are you ready to spend $999 on the latest Chromebook offering by Google? If yes, then waste no time and get the all new- PixelBook Chromebook from your local electronics store or an online store that sells Chromebooks.

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