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How AI is Affecting the Job Market Today

March 5, 2019 by Bobby J Davidson
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Artificial intelligence is the new buzz word these days. It stems from multiple technological advancements taking place in the world more or less simultaneously. From voice recognition technology, all the way to the use of machine intelligence in HR practices in companies all over the world.

Of course, there have been the usual predictions of artificial intelligence leading to massive unemployment rates. Not to mention the massive social impact of so many different people on global society at a holistic level.

However, it does not really have to be this way at all, thanks to the fact that the whole socioeconomic system (as it exists today) is currently quite busy in entering a phase of increasingly fast paced transformation.

That is, it is evolving from a human labor intensive system to one based on an AI set up. These will include thegovernment sector, various large businesses, education and social welfare, themarkets as well as employment models. All of which will be profoundly affected by machine learning and artificial intelligence.

o   The different roles, jobs and tasks that are considered to be at risk

There are many tasks and jobs that are considered to be monotonous. These (oft menial) tasks can, all too easily be automated with the help of artificial Intelligence. And in the long run, this will effectively mean that slowly and gradually, certain roles will become entirely obsolete.

Many tasks and activities that are directly related to customer care and call center operations (for instance), machine operation, content moderation, discovery and retrieval systemsand document classification will eventually end up being assigned to AI.

In other words, artificial intelligence will easily take over those jobs that are tedious and repetitive, and substitutethe same via automation, especially of the type that generally requires minimal human involvement.

The same is also quite true for many of those roles that are basically related to the overall operation and support of extended production lines in different plants all over the world. As a matter of fact, the assembly line’s workforce has largely been substituted with robots and AI, with humans playing the role of supervisors.

This was not the case barely a generation before. However, this has not led to the predicted job losses, per se. On the contrary, people simply moved on and took over other roles and tasks that required more meaningful human input, such as monitoring the robots and ensuring that they are doing their assigned tasks properly.

Furthermore, many load intensive tasks such as moving heavy objects and the like, can now be performed by smart robots who have been equipped with machine learning capabilities.

In this respect, as with many others, artificial intelligence has proven to be an extremely effective means of accomplishing many tasks that had hitherto being performed solely by human beings.

o   The utility of RPA in the HR function

RPA or ‘Robotic Process Automation’ is currently taking over many front line HR tasks, that had initially been the domain of the human labor force. This is especially true when it comes to recruitments and subsequent job placements.

Looking at Robotic Process Automation through the HR prism, we can easily see that the entire process begins with the automation of both data storage as well as retrieval systems of the CVs and resumes of any candidatewho is considered to be eligible for any job in the organization. In fact, the overall automation of the ‘resume search’ task has led to a significant decrease in man hours. This is largely due to the fact that the work that people did manually can now, all too easily be undertaken with a simple click of an icon.

In addition to the above, the really diverse number as well as types of applicant tracking tools also means that it is quite possible to speed up the whole painstaking process of individually sifting through different resumes. As of now, the most relevant ones can easily be retrieved from the digital database in order of their relevance, literally within seconds, at most.

Furthermore, there are many more functions as well that have now been taken over by RPA Robotic and their associated tools including ‘candidate relationship management.’ This is an AI process that has been specifically designed so as to conduct multiple types of screening and assessments of the candidates by the AI equipped system. This in turn, further simplifies the vetting procedure and makes it all the easier for the human element to come right at the end of the whole process, thereby saving the precious man hours of senior and junior staff members alike, thereby freeing their time for more critical day to day operations.

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