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How Can You Spot Really Good Leaders? They Do Any of These 5 Things Exceptionally Well.

November 26, 2021 by Bobby J Davidson
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Good Leaders | Have you ever wondered how some people make up the ranks of an organization’s hierarchy? Is it years or decades of dedication or service? Is it due to politics or favoritism? Or, is it due to individual qualities or character traits that owners and top-level executives see in a manager or employee that makes them more worthy than hiring a recruit?

Whatever the reason is, delegating leadership can be a risky endeavor as there’s no guarantee they are up to the task at hand. However, there are quantifiable qualities that can help you identify or assess worthy candidates for the role which primarily involves two things – getting results and sustaining relationships.

In this post, we’ll talk about the importance of leaders in the modern workplace and share how you can spot really good leaders.

What is Leadership?

By definition, business leadership is the ability of an individual to influence or guide others within an organization. While leaders play an important role in making top-down policies, they have more important roles, such as establishing goals, facilitating collaboration, and maintaining accountability. It is also a leader’s job to set an example for performance and workplace behavior to ensure everyone keeps up with the culture and inspires others to do the same. Here are the top benefits of effective leadership in the modern workplace:

1. Trust Building

Trust and transparency are the building blocks of any modern team since the current generation of workers needs them to effectively collaborate with others. Plus, when you have a team of employees that trust each other, they can work faster and better while ensuring maximum accountability.

2. Effective Communication

Real-time information flow is the prerequisite to effective communication in the modern age. While leaders don’t necessarily take over the communication duties, it is their job to encourage people to timely share information and establish an open-door policy to keep everyone updated with changes as they emerge. Moreover, facilitating effective communication also minimizes conflict to ensure there are no disruptions or interruptions in the workflow.

3. Enhanced Employee Engagement

One of the most overlooked challenges organizations face is keeping everyone engaged in their daily tasks. Getting people to do their jobs is easy. Getting them to love every minute of it with their eye on the bigger prize is the hard part. When your employees are motivated and engaged, they’re more likely to offer innovative solutions and perform better in their daily tasks.

Good Leaders and How to Find them

The modern workforce, which primarily consists of Millennials and Gen Zers, is different from their older counterparts who grew up in a more controlled work environment. Even though they’re more financial-minded, it takes more than money to satisfy them at work. This means that leaders have to create a positive environment in which fear and control aren’t driving forces of productivity.

When you walk the talk of good leadership, your people will release discretionary effort. They can’t help it–they want to work for you. This means creating a positive, not fear-based environment that will elevate the employee experience to new heights. Here are five things good leaders do exceptionally well:

1. Acknowledge Employees

Leaders who are always looking for ways to improve the employee experience can tap into the necessary human need for appreciation and recognition. Research confirms that organizations that offer rewards and recognition programs are not only happier but more likely to improve their performance and exhibit organizational core values.

2. Foster Autonomy and Accountability

The modern workforce demands freedom and wants to be part of the decision-making process on different levels. Leaders who allow employees to offer their ideas and suggestions are more likely to thrive, especially in entrepreneurial settings, making them feel like they’re also invested in the company and not only there for a paycheck. However, fostering autonomy is one thing but making sure that every employee is accountable for their actions is something only great managers can ensure.

3. Give Regular Feedback

One of the best ways to spot good managers is paying attention to how they treat employees, especially after a conflict, error, or failure. Good leaders use the power of feedback to navigate the issues, turning them into opportunities for success, thereby fostering a culture of psychological safety in which employees don’t have to worry about getting fired just because they do something wrong.

4. Speed Up Personal Development

Good leaders will always want to improve their teams and prioritize personal development regardless of the work being done at an office or remotely. By helping others prepare the best versions of themselves, they can prepare them for higher roles with greater responsibilities and better perks. Not only does this mindset make employees feel more valued, but it also shows that the organization takes care of its own.

5. Induce Psychological Safety

Burnout and stress are the leading mental issues found among employees in the fast-paced business world. Therefore, organizations need leaders that can induce workplace safety and create an environment where each employee is free and safe to make decisions and take risks. This has been incredibly important in the COVID-19 age where the workforce has been more paranoid than usual due to downsizing and increased turnover rates. A good leader can effectively bring everyone together and get them over the line into the new normal.

Wrap Up

And there you have it – 5 things that great leaders do exceptionally well. Having a great product or service and a team of qualified and experienced professionals won’t be enough for businesses seeking growth in the new normal. You’ll need a strong, agile, and adaptable leader guiding your team to excellence, thus, ensuring that your workflow remains consistent at every step of the funnel.

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