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How Technology Can Help Optimize the Customer Experience

July 15, 2023 by Bobby J Davidson
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A recent survey revealed that 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience. This data shows how critical customer experience optimization is for businesses and the effort they need to make. The Temkin Group showed that companies with $1 billion in revenue earn $700 million more ($1 billion for SaaS companies) if they invest in customer experience solutions.

Keeping the customers happy is an excellent way to increase brand equity and boost overall performance. You have several traditional methods to achieve this goal, and technological innovation will give you even more opportunities to explore better options.

This blog will mention the relationship between technology and customer experience optimization. It will also list tech solutions that help you achieve better results.

Technology and Customer Experience Optimization

Customer experience remains an integral part of the equation no matter how big, or successful an organization becomes. Businesses ensured that they made some big or small arrangements to enhance customer experience, and technological innovation has facilitated the process.

Below is a list of the top technological solutions that have helped organizations achieve customer experience optimization.

1.     AI Chatbots

AI chatbots are a relatively new introduction and are still in their initial implementation stages. However, there is no doubt this technology will significantly boost customer experience results. It fulfills the role of a chat option, but you won’t need a human to operate them all the time.

Artificial intelligence and machine learnings are the core technologies at their base and the ones in charge. Your team will supplement the bot’s core program will all necessary data, information, and SOPs. You will also need to add several best-case examples of how previous queries were handled to ensure the system gets a good grasp on the tonality.

The AI chatbot will then be able to respond to customer queries with as much accuracy as possible. The best part about having an AI chatbot is that you can respond to customer queries 24/7 without organizing shifts.

Someone can look over chat operations during work hours while the chatbot takes over after the office closes. This arrangement will allow you to cater to people from all time zones at times that suit them.

2.     Customer Relationship Management Systems

Customer relationship management systems (CRM) are integral for customer experience optimization in the long run. They record customer interaction and behavior data, analyze data, and provide performance reports.

Its insightful analyses provide a realistic picture of the experience and help you make necessary improvements to SOPs, communications, and other aspects.

3.     Customer Experience Management Systems

CX systems go beyond the CRM scope of operations and collect data from all customer touchpoints. It is a comprehensive system that utilizes all available data, feedback, and campaign response to study your performance and provide analysis reports.

These reports have more in-depth knowledge about customer response to policies, marketing communication, strategies, etc. It will give you a 360-degree view of your strategic effectiveness and help you make the right choices.

4.     Data Analytics Tools

Data analytics, like AI, is another recent innovation that has transformed the way we do business. Its objective approach allows companies to get a data-centric picture of their status. Additionally, such advanced tools can use all historical data to conduct complex computations and present forecasts and predictions.

Social listening analytics is an excellent example of this tool’s application to customer experience optimization. They allow businesses to know the topics of discussions around specific keywords and use the knowledge to develop and implement marketing strategies. It helps them create relevant content and achieve success.

5.     Virtual/Augmented Reality

Virtual and augmented reality have been central to the customer service experience. Their ability to cater to several senses allows them metaphorically transport people into a different reality. Relying on such experiences helps businesses create a ‘Wow’ factor, often achieving lasting recall for their activity and brand.

Meta, Google, and several tech giants are leading the VR and AR innovation projects and have grown extensively. Applying even a tiny percentage of their progress to business will improve the standards for customer experience.

6.     Email Marketing Software

Email marketing is an essential part of marketing strategy, and its software tools are beneficial. They allow users to automate email or newsletter sending, provide diverse and attractive email templates, and provide reporting and analytics services.

They also allow audience segmentation, allowing you to create relevant content based on your audience’s interests. Overall, they are accommodating, and their features are critical for improving the customer experience for engaged audiences.

7.     Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

Contact centers have helped businesses boost customer relationships, loyalty, and brand image. The ability to reach a company through calls favors organizations as it allows customers to feel seen and valued.

Tech innovation has recently improved this service by integrating it with cloud technology and converting it to CCaaS. The benefit of using CCaaS is that your customer service representatives access historical records about customer profiles.

They will know about the brand’s relationship with the customer and their typical interactions. Incorporating this knowledge in their response will help agents provide better services and mention helpful information to the client.

It is an upgraded version of standard customer service and is more effective.

8.     Social Media Automation

Social media attracts billions of people daily, drawing them to open several platforms and scroll through the pictures, posts, and videos for hours. Hence, your presence on your audience’s preferred platforms is a must. However, social media management is challenging, and you need impeccable time management skills and technical knowledge to keep it working smoothly.

Social media automation is an incredible tool to achieve this goal. It allows users to schedule posts; upload paid ads with preferred budgets, plans, and frequency settings.

Once you have organized everything, you can step back and let the platform run the show. It will post as per schedule, gather data, and provide relevant marketing services.

Wrapping Up

Technology can facilitate customer experience optimization. Percento Technology teams are IT experts offering business solutions, so we can help you choose the correct answer. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and learn more about our services.