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Creative Ways to Boost Your Social Media Strategy

May 3, 2018 by Bobby J Davidson
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Social Media StrategySocial media is home to over 2.5 billion people and that number is continually increasing. Engaging your audience on social media is a great way to build a community of fans for your brand. Here are some creative ways to boost your social media strategy.

There are seven billion people in the world and almost half of them have access to the internet. And, where is the internet population most active? It is most active on social media. There are over 2.5 billion users on social networking sites and this presents businesses with a massive opportunity to increase their reach, promote their brand and generate more revenue.

But, simply having presence on social media isn’t enough to get more people to hit the like button on your page or tweet about your business. Instead, you need a solid social media strategy that helps you to engage your audience on social media pages. Increasing the engagement of your audience on social media is something you should strive for as this indicates that prospects like you, and when they do, it becomes easier to convert them into customers.

Remember, an engaged following equals an audience who know, like, and trust you. And that, at its core, is how successful businesses help fuel sales. But, what is social media engagement and how do you boost it for your business? This is what we discuss next.

What is Social Media Engagement and How to Boost It

Most businesses struggle to engage their audience on social media simply because they have the wrong idea of what social media engagement means. Contrary to popular belief, social media engagement isn’t about interacting with a single customer on social media, it is about building a relationship with all your customers over a long period of time.

Think about the people you’ve met in real life.Who would you rather trust: someone you’ve known for months or years or someone you met only yesterday or last week? In most cases, it would be the former.

Social media works in the same way. Social media is where people come to connect, share and associate with each other and they feel more comfortable connecting to and sharing with those they interact with on social networks once they build a level of trust with ‘others’, which takes time. So, to have a more engaged audience on social media, you need to invest time and effort into building a relationship with audience on social media. So, how can increase the engagement of your audience on social media? Following are some creative ways to do that:

Complete Your Social Media Profiles

You’d think this wouldn’t make the list but it has and it is at the top of the ladder. It’s simple: if your social media profiles aren’t complete, you’d have a hard time engaging your audience on social networks. With each social network, you have a new opportunity to show off your personality and accomplishments. However, you can only do that when your social media profiles are complete. Following are the different social networks and what is required to ‘complete’ your profile on them:


Often, businesses forget about the ‘About’ section on Facebook when completing their profile. This is an importance section to complete as it provides visitors with information about what you do, who you are, and other ‘worthy’ information about you that creates an interest in your business.


Since Twitter gives you only 160 characters to introduce yourself, you need to ensure that you create a short and sweet bio on Twitter that expresses the essence of you. Make the most out of those 160 characters by including live links in your bio. This will allow you to create relevant hashtags that link to your website or blog.


The social network for professionals, LinkedIn has several sections to fill including qualifications, skills, experience, accomplishments and even awards. So, make the most of this space and create information that showcases to people that there is value in doing business with you.

Initiate Conversation with Your Social Media Audience

Initiating a conversation is one of the fastest ways to engage your audience on social media. For example, you can go live on ‘Facebook’ with a Q & A session and a few minutes before you do, inform your audience about it. This will create interest in the mind of your audience and they will prepare a set of questions to ask you so they can have a ‘face to face’ conversation with you.

They will ask you questions in the comments section, you answer them by mentioning their name, which will make your audience feel important. Doing this a couple of times a month will help you to build a relationship with your audience and win their trust. Eventually, they will become your greatest advocates on social media, which will help your business growth.

Mention Your ‘Biggest Fans’ in Posts/Tweets

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter give you the option of tagging people in posts/tweets. Business generally do this with ‘@’ followed by the name of the person they’d like to tag in the posts. These are the people who follow a business on all your social media pages, and promote it whenever they get the opportunity.

Mentioning them in posts/tweets makes them feel and important and they’re even more motivated to let others know about your business and social media pages. This gets your more social media followers, providing with a bigger audience to generate leads from.

There are many other ways to engage your audience on social media and boost your social media strategy. Contact us today to find out about them.

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