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8 Reasons Why Outsourcing Web Development is a Great Idea

January 27, 2021 by Bamboo Duck
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Benefits of Outsourcing Web Development

IT outsourcing is one of the most go-to strategies organizations use to handle different projects or tasks like web development. Simply put, outsourcing refers to hiring a skilled individual or a team of experts from a company to do tasks for you or your company.

For example, you can outsource web development through an IT company or improve your online presence by hiring a digital marketing agency. To get started, you approach the individual or firm, discuss your requirements, sign a contract, and let them take care of everything else. In return, you’ll pay for their services.

So, whether you’re a large organization or a small startup, here are 8 reasons why outsourcing web development is a great idea:

1.    Cost-Savings

The most obvious benefit of outsourcing web development is cost savings. You can save up to 20% of total development costs working with a remote team. Moreover, hiring new employees, training them, getting new equipment, and other necessities can strain your budget.

Hiring a team of professionals to take care of web development allows you to spend the saved money on other business needs instead of monthly salaries, added utilities, and the initial recruitment process. Many companies hire a freelance software engineer, but this isn’t as beneficial as hiring a  firm.

2.    Business Priorities

Outsourcing web development means you do not need expertise regarding this part of your project. This is especially important for non-tech savvy entrepreneurs who are less knowledgeable about web design and how to proceed in establishing their online presence. This way, you delegate responsibilities to the agency to focus on core business priorities.

3.    Responsibility and Liability

Businesses that hire an in-house web development team must be ready to handle any risks or disasters that can affect a project. This means that you and your team leader  are responsible and accountable for any failure that leads to financial and time loss. However by hiring an IT firm, you’re entailing legally bound documents that shift responsibility and accountability off your shoulders.

They will have to address and resolve issues on their side since they are the accountable party. In contrast, an in-house development team makes every problem is your immediate problem.

4.    Unparalleled Expertise

The biggest difference between in-house web development and IT outsourcing is that your development team may have less knowledge than a software firm. An accomplished digital agency not only has years of experience but their team is well versed in specific technology that may otherwise require additional training for your employees.

Most people believe that companies save money by outsourcing web development because of low code quality. However, it’s quite the opposite as some of the leading companies in the world were built using outsourced developers. The outsourced development teams experience is unmatched because they’ve been in the digital solutions game for years.

Many leaders fear loss of control over their project if they outsource web development to a team. However, outsourcing web development to experts who have this focus skill set means that you can confidently delegate projects to them and focus on other business matteres

5.    Entire Team

Typically in house IT new hires tend to be developers. However, with IT outsourcing, you’re not just hiring an individual to execute the project. However, a team of expert developers could make your application amazing. Plus, teams offer wider breadth to manage projects.

They shake up things in a good way by providing a certain level of disruption for an innovative modern business. In fact, teams work faster than individuals and are more likely to retain their fresh perspectives.

6.    Work Hours

Time is money in the tech world, and every second is precious in web development. The time it would take you to recruit, hire, train, and manage your web development team could be spent working on new ideas, creating new strategies, and networking. Furthemore, due to the trending remote work culture, workers demand a flexible work structure to remain productive.

Most web development companies offer flexible and agile services to ensure that every project remains on track without following a rigid work structure.

7.    Adversity Management

How many of your employees worked on Christmas? Or how many tested positive for COVID-19 and had to take sick leaves? Adversity is a nightmare for startups and small businesses, as they must ensure continuity of work at all costs. Managing an in-house development team means you have to be ready for uncertainty at all times.

By outsourcing web development, you’re hiring a company, not a single person, so the manage their staff including in cases of illness or leave. Your primary concern is only to anticipate the project you hired them to execute. How they execute is their concern.

8.    Multi-Domain Experts

When you outsource web development to an IT company, you’re not just hiring a team of web developers. You’re also hiring teams of QA, PM, UX designers, content creators, and digital marketing executives that collaborate to give you a fully optimized product.


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