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Internet of Things – 10 Ways IoT Devices Can Improve Your Workplace

January 28, 2021 by Bamboo Duck
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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a rapidly growing infrastructure set to revolutionize how we interact with technology. IoT devices are already here, and by 2030, their population could reach 125 billion. This explosion of internet-connect machines sounds like something straight out of the terminator, but we’re hoping for the best.

The Internet of Things is affecting how we live, work, and socialize, and from a business point of view, it has exciting benefits.

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Bringing IoT Devices to Your Workplace

IoT devices have already infiltrated our homes, automating everything from our security systems to our air conditioning. Technology is widespread, evident from the approximately 10 hours that we spend working every day. It won’t be wrong to follow that Internet of Things will make our workplace smart like our homes.

Irrespective of your industry, there is a popularity growth for smart offices with the smart office market is set to reach nearly $46 billion by 2023. There are many applications of IoT at work, including network security, IT solutions, access control, and analytics, etc. As the technology evolves, IoT devices will address more complex problems to make your offices better.

Here are 10ways IoT devices can improve your workplace:

1.    Automate Tasks

With the IoT, organizations can potentially automate all office tasks and manufacturing operations. In fact, using IoT devices, built-in sensors, and web integrations can reduce operation costs and save time.

For example, leading chocolate manufacturing company Hershey’s is adding IoT devices to its manufacturing facilities to improve production efficiency and adjust their product sizes. As a result, they saved $500,000 on every 14,000-gallon batch. This is just one example out of hundreds of  IoT success stories.

2.    Conduct Remote Meetings

Executives and managers can communicate face-to-face with workers using a telepresence robot to navigate the workplace. Think of this as Marshpillow 2.0 from How I Met Your Mother, but hopefully without the lag.

Whether employees are working remotely or on-site, managers can visually check in similarly as if they were physically there. Plus, you can find different teleconference robots for your workplace with rapidly evolving IoT technology.

3.    Supply Chain Management

Using IoT sensors to track and reorder office supplies and inventory can improve your supply chain network. By triggering alerts via text, email, alarm, or call, these sensors can inform managers when stock is nearing a predefined quantity. This saves time and boosts efficiency in other demanding tasks.

With improved supply chain management, companies optimize distribution and logistics. Furthermore, they save operational costs and support the green initiative.

4.    Monitor Equipment

Sensors can reduce equipment or software downtime by accurately predicting maintenance needs before it becomes a critical issue. For example, most AI-powered vehicles come with a learning infotainment system connected to the vehicle’s AI sensors and Big Data.

With IoT implementation, you can receive a text, voice, or email notification via the internet when immediate repairs are required. In fact, based on your daily route and frequently visited places, the IoT enhanced car might even suggest nearby repair places.

5.    Boost Network Security

Network security is one of the most important aspects of any modern workplace. IoT devices such as smart CCTV systems can be installed anywhere on your business provide 24/7 live feed to your device. An additional benefit the Internet of Things is the cost-reduction of business liability insurance, which is worth consideration.

6.    Energy Conservation and Efficiency Enhancement

Using Green IoT devices, allows energy conservation and enhanced efficiency in the workplace. You control how different equipment runs. For instance, using intelligent lighting solutions like smart bulbs sheds light on user schedules in place of motion sensors.

You can also use power-saving switches to remotely turn off any devices such as air conditioners or lights. You operate the Wifi connected switch via a smartphone application. Despite their expensive launch, these devices pay off in the long-term in bill savings.

7.    Interactive Product Experience

IoT Devices

Businesses can use IoT devices to create an interactive and personalized product experience. For example, Google Home and Amazon Echo are smart IoT Devices that allow users to personalize features, such as media, lights, thermostats, and sound volume. Additionally, users benefit from managing tasks gaining information using voice features.

8.    Understanding Consumer Behavior

IoT devices can collect more data to improve marketing strategies and customer experience. Subsequently, they help devise market segments based on preference, usage history, age, gender, and other relevant factors. With these devices, customer service provide timelier resolution to complaints or queries, while the marketing team can use real-time information to design new campaigns.

9.    Customer Engagement

More than 60 percent of millennials use their smartphones to research products before making a decision. IoT implementation allows companies to send discounts and other relevant messages to customers nearby or on their premises. However, companies need to acquire recipients’ consent to send them messages, a legal requirement similar to the one placed on text marketing.

10.          Boost Human Productivity

We’ve seen the internet of things boost manufacturing processes with smart automation. But what about human productivity? No workplace is complete without coffee. Employees often share brewing duties to keep the machine stocked and running. Connected smart coffee machines are hitting the business world by storm, ensuring that as long as it’s plugged in, workers always have a hot cup of joe on the ready.

Get IoT Devices for Your Workplace Today

It is important to look for opportunities to improve efficiency across the organization. The idea is to start small with the Internet of Things and get familiar with IoT devices to improve your operations.

With Percento Technologies, you can learn more about the Internet of Things for business and start using IoT devices at your workplace.

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