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9 Apps New Parents Should Have

September 25, 2022 by Jared McCarley
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Being a new parent is an amazing experience. However, no matter how many books you read or parents you talk to, the experience can be challenging and overwhelming. Fortunately, we live in a digital age where we have an app for just about anything. So, whether your due date is fast approaching or you’ve just brought home your first child, you can find hundreds of baby apps on the Apple Store or PlayStore that can help you with different aspects of caring for a child.

From tracking meals and important milestones to recording memories and getting real-time information related to pregnancy, let’s check out nine apps new parents should have.

9 Baby Apps for New Parents

1. BabyCentre

BabyCentre is one of the world’s most popular baby apps for parents looking to learn essential care tips. It also features a host of tools and exciting features you and your partner can use during the pregnancy period. These features include calculating your baby’s due date, tracking development, searching for baby names, and a first-aid checklist.

The app is available for Android and iOS devices and approved by the BabyCenter Medical Advisory Board in San Francisco, California. Therefore, you can expect nothing but expert advice.

2. Pregnancy+

Pregnancy+ is an Android and iOS-supported baby app launched by Philips, a leading Dutch multinational conglomerate specializing in manufacturing consumer electronics. Like CareCentre, you can find everything related to pregnancy, from diet to exercise, tips, and labor info. You can also use it to keep track of your weight changes and doctor appointments with weekly progress updates.

3. Cloud Baby Monitor

Cloud Baby Monitor is what it sounds like – a baby monitor powered by cloud technology. This device functions the same way as its traditional counterpart but without the hassle of setup. The only difference is that it turns your Android or Apple device into an uncomplicated, reliable video baby monitor you can take anywhere to peek at your little one.

4. What to Expect

One of the main reasons first-time parents become overwhelmed by pregnancy is because they don’t know what to expect at every stage. So, they can’t determine what’s normal and what’s not. This is where the What to Expect app comes in to solve this problem.

Apart from offering pregnancy advice and tips for newborn care, it comes with a tailor-made due date countdown that shows you your baby’s anatomical development and what symptoms to expect at different stages. The app is available for Android and iOS devices and is currently used by over 15 million parents worldwide.

5. Feed Safe

Feed Safe is a baby app designed specifically for breastfeeding mothers that consume alcohol. So, if you enjoy a nice glass of wine or a cold beer after a long day, this app is a must-have to help you calculate the time until your body breaks down the alcohol in your body, so there’s none of it n your breastmilk.

This innovative app was created by the Australian Breastfeeding Association and Curtin University in Western Australia to ensure the readings are accurate.

6. Baby Tracker

Baby Tracker is a baby app for iOS users that serves as an all-in-one scheduling resource for new parents. Using this app, you can track everything from feedings to nappy changes, medicine administration, sleep schedule, and more in a single tap or a simple voice prompt to your AI-powered nanny – Siri.

This app is quite popular among working parents that hire infant babysitters to keep tabs on their baby’s growth and health.

7. Momatu

As you have seen above, most apps are related to the care aspect of parenthood. However, Momatu offers something different. This app serves as a smart alternative to social media for sharing your parenthood memories privately with complete ownership rights.

Using it, you can add your favorite photos and videos from the moment you got pregnant to all your experiences that followed since then. Moreover, you can invite your family and friends to view your timeline and chat about your experiences in one place from anywhere around the world.

Moreover, you can use it as a single memory collection and gain quick access to all your greatest hits during pregnancy and parenthood.

8. Peanut

Sometimes, you want to take a break from reading pregnancy books and articles or watching videos and just talk to another person you can relate with. This is where Peanut comes in to help pregnant women and new first-time mothers connect with others.

Using the app, you can interact with other moms or would-be parents in different ways, ask them questions, or share your experiences. Many parents also use it to set up playdates with others in their vicinities if they have similar interests or the same parenthood timeline.

9. Tiny Beans

Tiny Beans is a great alternative to Momatu you can use to share your parenthood memories with your peers but not the world. You can send hundreds of photos to as many people as you want without having them float around on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. This helps protect your family’s privacy, so you don’t have to share one of your life’s most intimate experiences with people you don’t know.


We have shared ten great baby apps that make life easier for new parents. Being a first-time parent is undoubtedly an experience like any other. “Work smarter, not harder” is a nugget of wisdom that has served many new parents well, and these apps, along with so many others, help you do just that. With these apps, you can focus on having quality time with your little bundle of joy while technology does most of the heavy lifting.