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Emirates: The First Airline to Introduce Web VR Technology

August 2, 2018 by Bobby J Davidson
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Web VR TechnologyAre business and first-class airline tickets out of range? No worries, Emirates has unveiled a new technology that makes it possible for anyone and everyone to take a virtual trip in its airline, which includes the business and first-class cabins. Read on to know more about the Web VR technology of Emirates.

Do you always turn right after boarding the plane? If you’ve ever been on an airplane, you’ll know exactly what I mean. But, if you haven’t ever step foot on a plane, then here is an explanation of what I interjected.

After boarding the plane, economy class passengers are directed towards the right side of the plane’s seating area. On the other hand, the first class and business seats or cabins on a plane are towards the front of the aircraft. These seats have more space, comfort, service, and privacy than those in the economy class.

If your finances don’t allow to travel first class, then you may want to the new web virtual reality (VR) technology of Emirates. The new web VR technology of Emirates makes it possible for anyone and everyone to take a virtual trip on its airline, which includes the business and first-class cabins. The airline has launched 3D seat models on, which makes it the first airline to introduce web virtual reality (VR) technology online.

What Visitors Can Do with the New Web VR Technology of Emirates

The new web VR technology of Emirates allows visitors to check out the interiors of the A380. Users can take virtual trips of the plane’s economy, business, and first-class cabins, as well as the fancy lounge and shower. Additionally, they can sit in various seats in each section to check out the view and features, in addition to being able to flick the cabin lights on and off—something passengers aren’t allowed to do in real life.

The visualization technology displays a 3D, 360-degree view of the interior of the Emirates’ Airbus A380, giving people who have booked a flight with the airline a chance to explore their seats, cabin, and on-board offering. The new VR tech on allows users to navigate through the economy, business, and first-class cabins, as well as the Onboard Lounge and Shower Spa on the A380 using navigational hotspots. Soon, the high-quality 3D generated graphics will include renderings of Emirates’ entire fleet.

The real novelty is found in the more expensive sections. Where users can see the extra legroom and a minibar in first-class. Customers visiting the website via their mobile devices or the Emirates app can also book their seats with the virtual environment, and both cabin navigation and seat selection can be done using any VR headset.

The new VR online experience invites potential passengers to ‘step on-board’ and get an in-flight experience before even stepping foot in an airport. At the flick of a switch, users can turn the cabin lights on or off to create either a daytime or nighttime flight experience. Additionally, interactive buttons allow visitors to the site to move around the cabin and explore different sections. It’s the ultimate voyeur’s window to luxury air travel.

You can peek inside the shower spa to see how those in first class freshen up mid-flight, or have a nose around the onboard lounge to see what it might be like to sip on your favorite cocktail at an altitude of 40,000 feet. Also, to compare, you can travel from the luxurious upper deck back down to the lower deck to see a digital version of both cabins.

The high-quality 3D generated graphics offer an outstanding render that is close to reality. The immersive experience is currently available for three class Emirates A380 but will soon include renderings of Emirates’ entire fleet including all configurations of the A380 and Boeing 777 aircraft.

What Emirates is Saying About Its New Virtual Reality Technology

What are the comments of the Emirates Hierarchy on the airline’s new web VR technology? Taking about the new virtual reality online technology introduced by the airline, Alex Knigge—the Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications of Emirates, had the following to say:

As we continually invest to provide our customers with an unmatched travel experience onboard and on the ground, we also work very hard to give our customers a world-class digital experience. We are pleased to be the world’s first airline to introduce this cutting-edge web VR technology, which offers our customers an immersive opportunity to learn more about the fantastic Emirates experience before they step on board. In our usability tests with customers, we found that they particularly appreciated the 3D seat and cabin models when selecting their seats.”

Customers accessing via their mobile devices or the Emirates app for iOS and Android will also be able to explore their seats before checking in online with the 3D seat map. The tool allows customers to navigate from one seat to another, in addition to allowing potential passengers to book their preferred seats from within the 3D environment.

New 3D cabin models are not the only thing users can access with the new web VR tech of Emirates. They can also view product videos, which illustrate the end-to-end travel experience across all cabins. Serving as guide, the videos give potential passengers a clear idea of all the unique features of the Emirates Travel experience. Moreover, Emirates is continuing to conduct frequent usability studies with customers and frequent flyers in different geographies to identify further opportunities to enhance its digital user experience.

The new web VR tech of Emirates is one of a kind experience. To know more about this technology, get in touch with us today!

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