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How IT Consultancy Facilitates Your Shift to a Hybrid Workforce

December 27, 2022 by Jared McCarley
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Hybrid workforces are the future of working models, and it is unlikely for this trend to reverse. Flexible work arrangements existed before the pandemic hit, but they were fewer and not always in people’s preferred line of work. Of course, COVID-19 turned everything upside down, pushing people to work remotely while governments tried curbing the spread.

These emergency arrangements proved one thing – remote work did not reduce productivity. This fact led to increasing demand for flexible work arrangements at organizations. As a result, 71% of US companies plan to implement a hybrid work model, while 89% of the workforce expected their jobs to be partially remote.

These conditions will drive change in the operational models and require extensive planning and adjustments. IT consultants can facilitate the shift, allowing organizations to optimize their transformation and boost productivity.

This article will talk about the common hybrid work models and explain how IT consultancy can help.

Types of Hybrid Workforce Models

There are three types of hybrid work models that organizations can choose depending on their operational needs, industry, and preference.

1. In-Office With Less Frequent WFH

This model is similar to the one in place pre-pandemic, with only a slight change. People work from the office mostly but have a few instances where remote work is allowed. This model is suitable for construction, restoration, or repair companies where much of the work is physical and requires a person’s presence on location.

These companies had to continue working in person during the pandemic due to the nature of work, so very little will change with existing technology.

2. The Balance Between In-Office and Remote Work

Some organizations implement a balanced hybrid model incorporating equal parts of remote and in-office work. Managers will create detailed schedules for their teams, specifying when they need to work from the office.

This model is typically effective when the work can be managed remotely but involves approvals and similar tasks that require physical presence. This model is also preferred for companies that like to establish an organizational culture through in-person meetings and communication.

3. Mostly Remote Workforce

This hybrid model is the most suitable for IT-based companies, digital marketing agencies, investment firms, etc. Essentially, it suits places where most business operations are digital, and being at the office, doesn’t contribute to performance.

The reason they are mostly remote is that there are instances where some team members might need to come in person. There are also chances of a few people preferring in-office arrangements over remote work. Hence, the organization needs to be prepared to accommodate them.

How IT Consultancy Facilitates the Shift to a Hybrid Workforce

It is evident that there’s no escaping the transformation, but it will require operational adjustment and expertise to get it right. Thankfully, an IT consultancy like Percento Technologies can facilitate most of the technological end of the shift, giving you time and space to work out the remaining details.

Following are the primary ways in which IT consultants can support you:

1. Developing a Solid Security System for Your Work Model

Information security is a key concern for organizations planning to incorporate remote work. They are confident in the systems at the workplace but are less convinced about the same applying to a remote employee’s data privacy settings.

IT experts understand the cyber risk of remote operations and know how to develop measures to minimize the risk as much as possible. These professionals have seen the same work in jobs with flexible work arrangements and upgrade those systems to better protect your information.

2. Setting Up a Smart Office

Smart offices are another addition to the scope of digital transformation. These offices are fitted with intelligent AI, allowing people to provide remote access or get incident reports. Smart offices are a revolutionary discovery and will likely take over businesses within a few years.

3. Leveraging Cloud Technology for Data Management

Cloud technology, a fundamental part of enterprise planning, is one of the most successful inventions. Using the concept of the previous ERP servers, this technology operates through an exchange.

IT consultants can work with Cloud Server partners and offer lucrative space rental opportunities. This opportunity is incredible for data collection and procurement because it can integrate functions and share required information with colleagues and vendors.

4. Streamlining Communication and Coordination

Communication and coordination are at the heart of an organization’s performance and require extensive care. People chose to use Zoom meetings when they first started their WFH arrangements. However, these channels have evolved considerably in a short time.

Our IT consultancy will study your communication and coordination and understand which application suits their needs. Digitized systems are the best approach, but several in the market suit diverse electronics.

The goal is to create optimal communication and coordination solutions.

5. Setting Up Performance Analytics

Monitoring isn’t as simple as it used to be, especially due to half or more than half the team working from home. Hence, you need to set up performance analytics to help you keep an eye on things. The IT experts know general ways to incorporate it, so let us help you get the job done correctly.

6. Incorporating e-Learning and Training

Lastly, IT consultants have extensive experience with e-Learning and training technologies. The traditional training methods will not be feasible for a hybrid workforce, so the experts will finalize some convenient equipment to add to the setup process.

The more balanced and smoothly this system runs, the better the training for teams working in the office or remotely will be.

Wrapping Up

An IT consultancy is a good business partner when shifting to a hybrid workplace. The consultants will leverage technological knowledge and rely on advanced technology to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Please get in touch with our team if you’re thinking of transforming your organization into a hybrid workforce. We have ample experience and will ensure your shift is well integrated and your data is accounted for.