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Top Reasons Why Modern Workforce Is the Future of Business Operations

December 4, 2022 by Bobby J Davidson
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Modern Workforce | The term ‘digital transformation’ requires no introduction since it has been the top topic of discussion for a decade or more. Its market size is expected to grow from $469.8 billion in 2020 to $1,009.8 billion by 2025, giving it a CAGR of 16.5%! But where does the modern workplace fit in this discussion?

The modern workplace is a concept that emerged due to the recent shift towards technological integration. The demand for digitally savvy workplaces led the tech industry to innovate and create comprehensive digital solutions to run organizations.

This article will briefly describe a modern workplace before delving into its benefits and how it’s shaping the future.

What Is a Modern Workplace?

A modern workplace is a business that has successfully integrated technology for most or all business operations. The core concept is to use a modern workplace solution, like Microsoft Office 365, that covers several functions to streamline them and connect them digitally.

Hence, most manual operations become digital, allowing employees to connect, coordinate, and work more efficiently. The convenient system also boosts productivity and job satisfaction, ensuring employee happiness and motivation.

Benefits of Modern Workplace

The modern workplace concept and technologies are relatively new, so few organizations have shifted completely. However, digital transformation is a priority for most, and incorporating this framework will be beneficial.

Following are the core advantages of adapting to a modern workplace:

1. Improved Connectivity

Firstly, the technological integration and digitization of operations improve general connectivity within the organization. People can remotely access the system with their credentials and make relevant changes or requests for work-related matters.

This connectivity is convenient if an employee is working off-site and needs to share an urgent update. Additionally, this feature is also helpful for setting up virtual meetings with business partners locally or abroad.

There is increased pressure to reduce fossil fuel usage to minimize carbon footprint. Relying on virtual meetings is the best way to accomplish this goal and remain sustainable.

2. Time-Efficient and Accurate Coordination

Coordination and general task efficiency are probably the biggest perks of a modern workplace. The system is heavily integrated and connects all functions, including supply chain, production, finance, marketing, etc.

This integration makes it easy to coordinate needs and requirements and share feedback cross-departmentally. For example, a person working in sales can enter the number of orders for a pre-order item on the system and forward it to operations.

Operations will immediately be notified of the update and can proceed accordingly. This simple mechanism will save them the time and effort it would take to coordinate through emails and push for necessary details and approvals.

3. Adaptable to Future Technological Changes

Modern workplace solutions are futuristic and made to be compatible with technological advancements to come. Unlike before, you will not have to overhaul your entire system to incorporate the changes.

Your current system will simplify the transfer process and make introducing more advanced features to your organization easier. It is convenient and will save time and effort in the long run.

4. Compatible With Flexible Working Arrangements

Flexible working arrangements have always been a necessity, but the COVID-19 pandemic has proven that they are a feasible option. Luckily for the employees, managers are now assured that working from home will not affect their productivity, so hybrid workspaces are becoming a reality.

The good thing is that this shift is happening while we are at the current stage of technological advancement. Modern workplace solutions are built to facilitate on-site, off-site, and hybrid work models. The system integrations and access enable employees to log in and work comfortably from their preferred location without a hitch.

Of course, there will always be jobs that require on-site presence, but the system works well for those that don’t.

5. Boosts Productivity

The efficient coordination, simplified work, and streamlined tasks increase employee satisfaction and boost productivity. People prefer having better access to data and files and find it convenient to connect with people in different locations and time zones.

Higher satisfaction leads to improved productivity and increases employee happiness.

6. Enhanced Data Security

Data security or cybersecurity has become a critical consideration in our digitized world. Organizations lose millions of dollars due to cyberattacks and data breaches and require necessary support to minimize the cyber risk.

Thankfully, modern workplace solutions come prepared for the protection. They typically have sturdy firewalls and antiviruses that block most attempts to breach the system. They also have excellent access management features and use several security layers to prevent unauthorized entry into databases.

7. Better Reporting and Analytics

Modern workplaces aren’t just efficient; they can enhance strategic direction and decisions. Your digitized systems and clouds store all the organizational data and integrate all departments. This feature allows employees to generate relevant performance reports and the analytics they need to evaluate growth.

These reports are typically time-consuming to produce manually, and there is a risk of human error. Therefore, leveraging technology for the task is far more beneficial to understanding the position and trends and making necessary plans.

How Percento Technologies Can Help

Percento Technologies is an IT consulting company specializing in providing several IT services. Our experts have extensive experience with digital transformation and migration and can use their knowledge to determine which modern workplace solution best suits your organization.

We have also helped several customers transition to a modern workplace, so we are confident we can provide the same services to you. Our team understands the core dynamics and intricacies and will create detailed plans to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Wrapping Up

Overall, modern workplaces are the future of organizational framework and management. They boost efficiency and productivity and facilitate coordination, administration, and management. They are also adaptable and will simplify the transition to the next advancement.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re looking for this shift or other IT consultancy services. Percento Technologies is a leading brand, and we will ensure you get the best possible service.